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What Is Digital Marketing Asset Management?

Digital marketing asset management (DAM) refers to a system that stores all your digital content in a single place.

If you’re looking to diversify your content to appeal to a wider audience, then DAM platforms can help you keep everything securely stored away. Whether it’s text files, video, or audio clips, you can use a digital asset platform to share your content with your team easily.

Digital assets

A digital asset is anything that you can store online. These days, companies have hundreds if not thousands of digital assets in the form of photos, documents, and other types of files. They are assets because they belong to the company and are used for some type of gain. Typically, a company’s digital assets are highly valuable because they can help generate new leads by providing value to customers.

Do you need a DAM platform?

While you might question the necessity of a dedicated digital marketing asset management platform to store your digital assets, the alternative is myriad files of all kinds scattered across several websites, computers, and external hard drives.

If you don’t have all your company’s digital assets stored in one place, it becomes very difficult to categorize and use them when the time is right. Furthermore, if your company files are all over the place, they are much more likely to get lost. This is a waste of company time and resources.

You don’t necessarily have to splash out on a subscription to a DAM platform to store all of your digital assets. Still, it’s wise to consider how to organize your digital assets so whoever needs them can access them easily.

If you do have the resources to invest in DAM software, here are some of the features you can expect from the cloud-based platforms:

  •  Ease of access to all your digital assets
  •  Secure file storage
  •  Enhanced communication between teams
  •  Streamlined workflow
  •  Brand protection with digital asset watermarks

Whether you have written content in PDF format, WAV audio files, or TIFF design files, DAM software like Wrike can keep it secure and easy to access.

You’ll be able to determine who has access to your digital asset database, so you can make sure no sensitive information is leaked without your knowledge.

You may also get access to data that you can use to evaluate the performance of your digital assets, which can help you formulate your content strategy.

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