With 2015 just around the corner, more and more companies are releasing their views on top marketing trends that will come to light in the new year. But with all of these separate articles, we're interested in gathering a consensus. Which trends are going to have the biggest impact? What marketing technology innovations may be coming our way? And which trends are wishful thinking, won't be able to move the needle in the next year, or simply never going to happen?

We've collected trend ideas from companies and marketing leaders all over the internet and brought them together in one list. Now it's your turn:

1. Vote for the two or three trends you think will have the biggest impact in 2015
2. Add your own predictions to the list if you don't see them already
3. Embed this list on your site or blog  & share it with your friends and readers (click here for embed code)

Read through all of the 55 potential trends? Make sure you vote for the 2-3 trends you think will have a huge impact next year year, and add your own thoughts if we missed something. We're waiting to hear your feedback in the comments below!