Flexible working is becoming a standard, leaving many to wonder if the 9 to 5 job is really dead. 70% of employees expect flexible work schedules post-pandemic, and 50% say they would even leave a job if flexibility wasn’t offered. A report by Inc. says that regular work week hours have always been a “modern-day illusion,” and clocked time has never been a good indicator of progress or productivity. The report states that by giving employees task ownership instead, they can complete their work more efficiently while respecting their own time and their teammates’.

This proliferation of hybrid workforces means many things for team leaders. Among them is how to manage a hybrid team that’s split between home, the office, and anywhere in between. If you’re in need of some quick tips to manage your team, you’re in the right place! This infographic lists seven tips for how to manage a hybrid team:

Top Tips on How To Manage a Hybrid Team (Infographic) 2

Embrace the hybrid experiment, and keep an open mind!

All in all, make sure to keep an open mind when planning how to manage a hybrid team. For a lot of us, finding the best ways to make your hybrid team thrive is still very much of an experiment. Make sure to take part in the experiment wholeheartedly, share your learnings and successes with others, and don’t be afraid to fail a little along the way!