Just when marketers think they know it all, a fresh tactic, social media platform, or consumer trend emerges. The best marketing strategies embrace the fast-paced nature of the marketing environment. David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly is the perfect tool for that. Discover why it is one of the best books on marketing in this book review.

Summary and Book Review of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

When it comes to digital marketing books, you need something that keeps up with the times. Meerman Scott meets that need with this latest edition, showing why The New Rules of Marketing and PR is one of the best-selling books on marketing. His marketing strategy books pull from years of expertise developed through research and hands-on work with clients. Beyond starting his own business and working as the vice president at two companies, David Meerman Scott has also spoken in 40 countries to industry leaders at companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Google.

Within The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Meerman Scott takes you through familiar tools such as press releases and social media, and gives you innovative ways to use them. Through his guide, you'll learn how to directly communicate with buyers and enhance online visibility, ultimately leading to major boosts in sales.

The comprehensive breakdown of the rules of marketing benefits just about anyone who must persuade, communicate with, or appeal to, consumers. Basically, if you're an entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional, you need to read this book.

What makes The New Rules of Marketing and PR stand out as one of the best digital marketing books is the real-life advice and examples. The author packs the guide full of case studies, tips, and information on the latest social media platforms, like Snapchat and Periscope. The latest edition also includes a never-before-seen chapter on sales and services. Plus, it's probably the most entertaining and inspirational way to learn about the latest marketing tactics.

Key Takeaways from The New Rules of Marketing and PR

In true David Meerman Scott fashion, The New Rules of Marketing and PR leaves the reader with effective takeaways to apply in the real marketing world:

  • Make marketing language uniquely you: Every brand should have its own identity, which means your marketing strategy should not be the same as your competitor's. This applies to concepts both large and small, from major marketing campaigns to the language used in promotional material. Whatever angle you choose, make sure the rest of the company is on the same page.
  • Talk the talk: Marketing is fluid and dynamic, more like a conversation than a preachy, one-way flow of information. Brands must not only send but also receive messages and adjust their content based on feedback and behaviors. For instance, millennials are busy but proactive, and a book review helps them decide how to stock their libraries. That's why Wrike provided a quick, easy breakdown of The New Rules of Marketing and PR that fits right into their lifestyles.
  • Content reigns supreme: Have a blog, and make good use of it. Your consumers want to be informed and entertained, not just sold on the latest product. A fun, lively blog - when done well - can tell your brand's story, engage customers and draw people into your website.

See what the buzz is all about by checking out the book for yourself. With Meerman Scott by your side, you'll always stay one step ahead of the competition.

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