As we head into the next business cycle, uncertainty about what’s over the horizon is pushing businesses to tighten their belts. While marketing is vital to any company or client’s success, it is often viewed as one of the most flexible. When budgets need to be trimmed, companies often start with marketing. 

While this may not necessarily happen in your organization in the coming months, CMOs and marketing leaders around the world are wise to take proactive steps to ensure their operations are running as tightly as possible. They’re building up business resilience frameworks that will help them weather market turbulence as it arises. 

Building business resilience involves eliminating wasted time and resources costing businesses in the knowledge industry over $60M each year due to productivity challenges, canceled projects, and employee churn. As marketing teams are juggling employees spread across time zones with a host of competing tools, they’re particularly vulnerable in turbulent economies. 

To build business resilience for a marketing team, marketers should be doing a few critical things. They should eliminate existing inefficiencies, allocate resources effectively, and maximize their team’s productivity. When CMOs can strengthen those areas, they will be able to better prove their team’s contribution to the organization’s key goals

We recently published a groundbreaking study on the Dark Matter of Work, which is the work that takes place in synchronous apps and the gaps between systems and solutions that aren't integrated. The study outlined how workplace complexity is eating into companies' profits and harming employee engagement. In marketing departments, that might look like teams struggling with bottlenecks for reviews and approvals, total communication overload, and siloed marketing tools that make collaborating across teams and time zones impossible. 


Our research shows that those everyday frustrations waste time, money, and your team’s energy — a single worker’s wasted time might cost a company as much as $16K every year.

Eliminating even a fraction of the Dark Matter of Work your team faces will help you recoup that wasted profit by driving marketing ROI, optimizing resources, and improving productivity. 

As experts in working effectively, we know that robust work management software helps marketing teams recapture the energy and resources currently being lost. Work management software pulls entire organizations into a single platform, strips out wasted time spent switching apps, and provides visibility into projects so that tasks don’t slip between the cracks. 

To help you build better business resilience, we’ve rounded up 11 Wrike features, templates, and integrations that will help you power through uncertainty. 

Key features for building business resilience in marketing 

  • Automated approvals: Approvals can steal precious time from marketers. Wrike’s streamlined and automated workflows mean reviews and approvals occur seamlessly and result in clear, actionable decisions — so your team can improve productivity and focus on more impactful work.


  • Critical insights: To fully understand your team’s productivity, you’ll need data. Wrike Insights is a first-of-its-kind performance aggregator that delivers insights on 50 tools, delivering real-time data across advertising, marketing, and social media via one simple interface.
  • Workflow versatility: Wrike’s industry-leading Custom Item Types enable users to mirror their team’s business practices and daily task scenarios in their Wrike workspace. That means you can use your team’s preferred terminologies and behaviors, reducing wasted time further. 

Built-in integrations for creative teams 

  • Creative connections: Wrike integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud. Teams can manage their assets from programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Digital asset management: Wrike’s MediaValet integration enables users to share and manage digital assets across both platforms. Teams can attach MediaValet files to tasks, search for assets, and upload assets from Wrike back into MediaValet.

Resource management features for marketing agencies and departments 

  • Accelerate resource planning: Quickly estimate project resource needs and request job role resources. With Wrike’s resource planning capabilities, you’ll be able to ensure the highest priority projects have ample coverage with visibility into resource allocation across your whole portfolio.
  • Optimize workloads: Assigning and managing workloads has never been easier. Get an understanding of team members’ availability, capacity, and strengths at a glance, and drag and drop tasks to balance workloads more efficiently.
  • Clear budgeting: Weathering upcoming uncertainty is going to put pressure on budgets, so Wrike’s budgeting tools will be critical in helping you accurately determine project budgets and margins. As team members track time spent on projects, you can monitor budget spend in real time to keep projects profitable. 

Pre-built templates 

At Wrike, we know that one of the biggest barriers to launching projects is getting processes in place. That’s why we’ve set up a wide range of templates to help jump-start your processes, streamline your workflows, and get your team working faster. You can try any of these templates with a free Wrike trial.

  • Agile marketing template: If your team struggles with managing a constant stream of requests, using the Agile methodology for your marketing operation will create an effective structure to tackle that overload. Our Agile marketing template will help you get started, providing an effective way to maximize sprints and get more accomplished.
  • Marketing operations management template: Having a handle on your entire marketing operation can be difficult. Wrike’s marketing operations management template sets you up for success, helping you manage every detail of your marketing operations with custom request forms, dashboards, and reports.
  • Marketing calendar template: Keeping campaign tasks from falling through the cracks is critical to maximizing your marketing resources. Wrike’s marketing calendar template will ensure your entire team is on the same page so that deadlines are met and clients are satisfied. 

Helpful tools on Wrike’s ROI


As you work to bolster resources and do more with less, learn more about the real ROI of Wrike.

With this cache of resources, you’ll be ready to jump-start your business resilience framework and protect your organization from market uncertainty. 

Start your Wrike free trial or request a free demo to see how Wrike can help you streamline, strengthen, and thrive.