Market turbulence is increasing, and you’ve probably already felt it. Companies around the world are bracing for increased uncertainty by shoring up to weather potential future storms. The buzzword mentioned inside boardrooms and over Slack channels is ‘business resilience.’ It’s a succinct term for ensuring your company is in as strong a position as possible to not only survive the next market cycle — but to truly thrive. 

Building a business resilience framework isn’t as simple as trimming excess costs and giving your employees a rousing pep talk. It requires a careful strategy designed to increase productivity, bolster ROI, and fine-tune resource management. In essence, building business resilience is about eliminating wasted time and resources costing businesses in the knowledge industry over $60M each year due to inefficiencies, canceled projects, and employee churn. 

At Wrike, we’re keenly aware that one of the most valuable ways companies can ensure their businesses will thrive in an uncertain future is to streamline productivity and cut out wasted time and resources. We recently published a groundbreaking study on the Dark Matter of Work, which is the work that takes place in synchronous apps and the gaps between systems and solutions that aren't integrated. The study outlined how workplace complexity is eating into companies' profits and harming employee engagement. 

Now is the time to recover those losses and prevent new ones from occurring as you seek to strengthen your business.  

Ready, Set, Thrive: How Building Business Resilience Will Protect Your Organization From Uncertainty 2

According to industry leader McKinsey & Co, there are six critical dimensions that, when coordinated correctly, can enable resilient growth, including institutional, financial, operational, technological, organizational, and reputational resilience. In five of these dimensions, work management software plays a critical role in bolstering businesses to thrive amidst market uncertainty. From providing decision-making agility to improving client management, work management is no longer optional — it’s mission-critical. 

Prospering amidst uncertainty requires establishing a baseline knowledge of the tactics and tools you can use to fortify your business. As work management experts, we’ve gathered all the resources you need to build an operational resilience framework and thrive amidst increasing business complexity. 

Resources for increasing productivity

Ready, Set, Thrive: How Building Business Resilience Will Protect Your Organization From Uncertainty 3

Did you know that the average knowledge worker loses over 13 hours each week on activities like repeating work that’s already been accomplished, following up on statuses, or attending unproductive meetings? That wasted time from one employee is costing companies $16K every year! Here is a selection of resources on productivity that will help you take that time back: 

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: 25 Must-Know Productivity Tips 
    We all know the feeling — you’re trying to work, but distraction creeps in. Discover how to become more productive at work by embracing smarter planning, eliminating repetitive tasks with automation, and engaging in an all-in-one work management platform.
  • How to Calculate Workplace Productivity
    If you want to improve workplace productivity, you need to know how to calculate it. This in-depth blog post will help you find your company’s baseline, allowing you to make targeted improvements and support your team in getting more done in less time.
  • Agile Methodology Guide
    One of the most effective ways to improve productivity — while maintaining employee engagement and work-life balance — is to adopt the Agile methodology with your team. Incorporating Agile practices into your workflow can help your team complete twice the work in half the time. Appealing, right? Our Agile Methodology Guide will give you the foundation you need to start improving productivity right away.
  • How to Solve Productivity Challenges in Small Teams
    In this free, half-hour webinar, you’ll learn about the most common productivity challenges for small teams, ways to overcome them, and how to grow more efficiently. Discover how work management software can kick-start productivity with collaboration and communication tools, repetitive task automation, and more.

Resources for optimizing resource management

Ready, Set, Thrive: How Building Business Resilience Will Protect Your Organization From Uncertainty 4

Resource management will be even more important as companies look to build business resilience. Managing resources efficiently and effectively determines whether a project will be successful or might lead to cancellation. Canceled projects cost the knowledge industry over $8M. Take that risk out of the equation by digging into these resource management resources: 

  • Wrike’s Guide to Resource Management
    The first step to better resource management is understanding the best practices to put in place in the remote work era. In this eBook, you’ll learn resource management fundamentals, project management tips to help your team work more efficiently, and actionable insights you can put into practice today.
  • Top Tips for Limited Project Resource Management in Enterprise Organizations
    If your organization deals with resource constraints, this blog post will help you maximize your resource management — without requiring additional employees, funds, or materials. Working with what you have available is key to building business resilience.
  • How to Plan Project Resources With Wrike
    Mapping out resources for a project plan can be a cumbersome task — one that often gets hurried or inaccurately estimated. That’s where Wrike comes in. Let us show you just how we plan project resources with our powerful work management software. 

Resources for improving ROI

Ready, Set, Thrive: How Building Business Resilience Will Protect Your Organization From Uncertainty 5

Business resilience will come down to your bottom line, making ROI a critical calculation. With these resources, you’ll be able to create an enterprise resilience framework that improves your ROI calculations and helps you determine where you can better utilize your team.

  • Dark Matter of Work: The Hidden Cost of Work Complexities
    Understanding the Dark Matter of Work and the associated costs of low visibility is critical to bolstering your business for the future. Our ground-breaking report on the Dark Matter of Work will teach you everything you need to know about the steps to take to get ahead of Dark Matter before it impacts your ROI. 
  • 4 Ways to Measure ROI of Work Management Tools
    Already using a work management tool? That’s great — but as the market shifts, you’ll need to know how your work management software is helping drive ROI. This blog post will give you four ways to measure the ROI of your work management tools, including specific equations to use.
  • Wrike ROI Calculator
    Are you ready to see how using Wrike can help your team regain productivity and ensure your company saves money? Use Wrike’s bespoke ROI calculator to get an instant calculation.

Build business resilience with Wrike

In the coming market cycles, building business resilience will become the make-or-break factor that determines whether companies survive or thrive. The Dark Matter of Work will continue to eat away at productivity, ROI, and resources if it’s not tamed. Companies that seize the opportunity to capture what’s currently being lost will rise above the rest. 

What’s the most cost-effective way to conquer the losses caused by workplace complexity? Powerful work management software that brings your entire team into a single location, eliminates parallel streams of emails, texts, and instant messages, and offers features that make your existing workflows and processes better. 

As companies look to improve ROI, productivity, and resource management, those that choose to do so with work management software will have a stronger foundation for eliminating wasted time and resources. In fact, Wrike is specifically designed and proven to reduce workplace complexity caused by the ever-increasing Dark Matter of Work. Wrike provides a single platform to aid in workplace management, stakeholder communication, and effective team collaboration — freeing up teams to focus on their most purposeful work.

Our award-winning software cuts out repetitive tasks, utilizes cross-tagging to eliminate duplicate work, and brings teams into a single location so they can launch projects faster, together. With our innovative Custom Item Types, you’ll be able to use workflows and terminology that suits your team perfectly. Over 400 built-in integrations allow you to use all of the tools you love without leaving the Wrike platform. 

Ready to set up a new, streamlined process? We’ve got you covered with dozens of pre-built templates that will help you drive efficiency. Our business process management template helps you evaluate processes to eliminate waste, the quarterly review template assists in a thorough assessment of results, and the business goals template helps structure your strategic planning. Our resource management tools are second to none, allowing you to accelerate resource planning, anticipate resource demand, and maximize team performance all in one powerful platform. 

Building business resilience will require the right technology. Start your Wrike free trial or request a free demo to see how Wrike can help you streamline, strengthen, and thrive.

The hidden cost of work complexities

The hidden cost of work complexities

Read our new report to discover how Dark Matter affects us all

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