Losing hours to inconsequential tasks, hunting down what should be easily accessible information, following up on follow-up emails — every employee has dreamed of having a magic wand that would make all these annoyances disappear with a simple flick of the wrist.

For over 20,000 organizations, Wrike’s versatile work management software has been that magic wand. As a centralized hub for projects and tasks, Wrike increases team efficiency at every level. Don’t believe us? Ask our customers.

Here are seven ways that Wrike customers have saved time and money while also boosting their productivity by as much as 150%.

1. Wrike’s proofing features save Moneytree critical hours

Before Wrike, Moneytree relied on email for their approval process. Keeping track of changes was a time-consuming task that created seemingly endless meetings and email chains. That all changed when they started using Wrike, which now provides the team with a centralized space to discuss feedback and document changes.

With Wrike, Moneytree has cut the average number of days for project approval from seven to four, saving the project manager 156 hours that would have otherwise been spent micromanaging the approval process. 

2. Request forms help House of Design streamline intake

Three years ago, robotics company House of Design was struggling with requests for parts, juggling spreadsheets and information from multiple sources. Today, HoD uses Wrike’s request forms to manage parts, with custom fields to track location, quotes, and dates.

Their machine shop manager alone has saved over 20 hours of work per week — HoD estimates that over 16,000 hours have been saved company-wide over the last three years, leading to over $832,000 in cost savings.

3. Dashboards offer Arvig essential project visibility

Arvig’s “number one goal” with Wrike? To gain some much-needed visibility into workflows. The company maximized transparency through clever use of Wrike’s folders, Spaces, and Dashboards — this process rooted out project inefficiencies, freeing up staff to work on immediate customer needs.

“With greater clarity, speed, and accountability in managing our projects, we can easily reallocate resources to work on different projects that are critical to the success of our organization,” says project manager Kelly Maier. “Being able to optimize project time, we save on average ~20% per project.”

7 Ways Wrike Customers Save Time, Money, and Increase Productivity by 150% 2

4. Dynamic timelines relieve stress at Fitbit 

In the all-important weeks before a product launch, the Fitbit team would frequently find themselves working overtime to monitor marketing materials. They now use Wrike’s dynamic timelines to get an in-depth view of team schedules and bandwidth and reassign work accordingly. 

According to creative team lead Brynne Roberts, this increased transparency has saved them over 200 hours per year (not to mention a great deal of stress).

5. Inspiration Cruises & Tours boost productivity with Wrike’s resource management

As travel company Inspiration Cruises & Tours grew, so did the need for a robust work management system

Before, the team worked task by task with little idea of project progress. Now, with Wrike’s resource management capabilities on their side, they’ve increased productivity by 150% — nailing down job roles, deadlines, and task estimates in Wrike before jumping into a project. Request forms have also made the project intake system smoother, automatically creating tasks and assigning them to the right team member. 

All this helps Inspiration Cruises & Tours stay organized, ensuring no important details slip through the cracks.

6. Kalexius saves time with Wrike’s single source of truth

Legal services provider Kalexius needed a work management system that could act as a single source of truth for its globally dispersed team. Enter Wrike, which gave the organization a centralized hub for project management, file storage, and collaboration. Employees now spend 50% less time in status meetings and save a further 20% by having all the documents and information they need at their fingertips. 

“Wrike gives us a sense of control,” says Stella Petersen, Head of Legal Operations. “We have a record and visibility of everything that’s being done, and we can make sure that we’re utilizing all our resources at 100%.”

7. Time tracking improves billing for Tipton Communications

PR agency Tipton Communications was losing billable hours to unnecessary administration — chasing project updates, filling out forms, searching for documents, etc. Implementing Wrike gave the team 10% of that time back, allowing them to carefully track time, see exactly where their effort was being spent, and bill with accuracy.

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