Wrike Resource makes resource management simple

Get real-time visibility for effective resource allocation and planning.
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A powerful tool for optimizing resource utilization

Good resource management involves understanding how much effort a task requires and picking the right person for the job. Wrike’s intuitive resource management solution empowers global project teams to optimize project scheduling, balance workloads, and increase productivity.

Gain visibility into team workload

Gain visibility into team workload

Quickly visualize each team member’s schedule and projects — who’s doing what and how long each task will take. Minimize conflicts and underutilized resources by gaining better insight into team availability.

Optimize team performance

Optimize team performance

Wrike’s flexible resource allocation allows project managers to distribute work hours to best suit each team member’s strengths and availability. Enable your team to work collaboratively and avoid project delays due to unbalanced workloads.

Prioritize projects with ease

Prioritize projects with ease

Wrike’s intuitive design makes it easy to assign the right resources to the right projects. Adjust timelines and reassign tasks to accommodate urgent requests, avoid employee burnout, or align with changing business goals.

Increase team performance to meet business objectives

Wrike Resource simplifies resource management with intuitive allocation, increased visibility, and flexible planning features.

Intuitive Resource Management
Easily visualize and balance team workload to avoid burnout or underutilization. Re-prioritize projects and redistribute hours flexibly and in real time across assignees with Wrike’s simple drag-and-drop interface.
Flexible Resource Planning
Quickly add, move, or adjust tasks based on individuals’ capacity and work schedule. Divide required hours across teammates to maximize efficiencies and play to team members’ strengths.
Resource Utilization Insights
Customize Wrike reports, Gantt charts, and Table views to understand and measure team performance. Key insights help you make critical adjustments for future planning and projects.
Easily track time spent on work
Track the time spent on all your active work in a single place with Timesheets. This easy-to-access weekly view enables you to see total values and to correct mistakes fast, while grouping helps you see aggregated values for individuals and teams.

“The time management and workload overview helps with resource management because the team has a clear overview of whether or not a project can be completed within the time parameters provided. This ultimately protects our employees from working beyond their capacity. ”

Thomas Mix

Director of Strategy & Business Development

“Wrike Resources has been and we expect it to continue to be a very valuable tool and upgrade to the Wrike offerings. We are seeing more and more potential of it as we bring people up to speed on adding not just dates to their tasks but expected or anticipated effort for the task. It is very powerful for us to look at tasks for a project or jobs in our shop and see anticipated hours to completion.”

Ryan Okelberry

Principal / COO

“With Wrike Resource we were able to reduce the number of simultaneous projects people were working on from 12 to 3. We used Wrike Resource to fully schedule out projects in order to see conflicts and then managers were able to have the insight to make decisions on what was a priority and what could be reassigned. We actually got everything done, did it better and were able to do even more.”

Derick Dahl

Director of Product

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