Integration Includes New Slack ‘Dialogs’ Feature; Streamlines Project Management for Slack Users

San Jose, Calif. -- Wrike, the work management software for high-performance teams, today announced its Slack integration, which will allow Slack’s six million daily users to manage Wrike projects directly from Slack’s chat-based interface. The integration brings greater work structure to conversations by making chats more actionable. It also incorporates Slack’s recently launched ‘Dialogs’ feature, which lets users send information directly to an application outside the Slack channel context, extending the potential workflows that happen within Slack.

“As a work management solution used by millions, we strongly believe in integrating with other key platforms like Slack, so that users can do work seamlessly across their digital environment,” said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. “Communication is critical for teams to operate effectively and chats are wildly popular for collaborating within and between teams. By infusing chats with work management technology, users can move more fluidly between chats and tasks, letting them focus on getting things done, which is critical for teams managing the deluge of digital work.”

Wrike’s Slack integration helps users accomplish more by minimizing application switching and allowing them to stay in Slack to collaborate on Wrike projects. The use of dialogs enables users to easily include all the elements needed to create a Wrike task in a single popup. With Wrike’s Slack integration, users can:

  • Create new Wrike tasks in Slack via a popup – Use the new dialogs feature to quickly get work into Wrike without disrupting conversations
  • Receive Wrike notifications in Slack - Keep teams informed and enable them to quickly respond to task updates and changes
  • Preview Wrike tasks in Slack - Make it easier to collaborate on Wrike projects by displaying task details in chats

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About Wrike

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