At Wrike, we are obsessed with building the best tools to make your workday easier and more productive. Today, we're thrilled to roll out a set of new features to everyone in an update we call “WorkFlow.” WorkFlow features are designed to support you in a continuous flow of "getting work done." 

Roadblocks to Productivity

If you've ever been on a productive streak only to get yanked out of "the zone," you know the frustration of having your flow interrupted. Waiting for a new application to open or switching to a different tool can break your concentration, and trying to regain lost focus can be maddening. Your tools shouldn't slow you down. 

You shouldn’t have to jump back and forth between a bunch of separate web tools in order to assign tasks involving separate web services. Neither should you have to communicate with clients and contractors through email and phone, sending status updates and attachments back and forth, and attempting to coordinate feedback while tracking which version they're talking about.

These kinds of roadblocks interrupt your concentration and flow.

The WorkFlow Release

Today, our WorkFlow release publicly launches three key features and integrations to help you remove those roadblocks to collaboration and work faster within Wrike.

1.  Chrome WorkFlow Extension

The patent-pending Chrome browser extension allows you to instantly push web-based information into your Wrike workspace from any webpage you're on. Create tasks from any URL: bookmark competitors' blogposts, capture screenshots of design inspiration, assign people to review a landing page, assign sales prospects to your team, and much more. You can also clearly see if other tasks have been assigned to teammates using that page.

It's a unique extension that can connect all your web services and bring them into Wrike, where the info you've captured can be tasked to others or stored for reference. There’s no other extension with this level of functionality available.

2.  Wrike Team Links 

This feature allows any Wrike user to pull in an outside collaborator (including contractors, clients and customers) so they can join projects and tasks, but includes the right safeguards to ensure project integrity.

Agency customers who've tested this feature in beta loved being able to share work with clients for feedback while still limiting the collaborator's ability to create and delete tasks or projects.

3.  Zapier integration

We are also announcing Wrike’s integration with Zapier, an action automation cloud tool that makes it easy to pass data between two separate apps. You can pull work back into Wrike from other apps such as Evernote, Zendesk, Google Apps, and more.

Stay tuned for more new releases coming your way during this summer of WorkFlow. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your comments!