Every month, we release weekly posts with new updates, features, and tips and tricks — but for those of you on a time crunch, we want to gather those news alerts into a single post with all the good stuff. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest from Wrike headquarters this month: 

Updated use case templates: This month, we’ve updated eight of our use case templates, giving them enhanced features and structures. Quarterly Business Review, OKR, Enterprise Service Management, Contract Management, Business Goals, Action Plan, RACI, and Business Project Management all received updates that are available through the space creation tool to users with Wrike’s new dashboard capability (available now in Wrike Labs).

Calendar widget

New calendar widget: We have a very snazzy new calendar widget available now to users with our new dashboards enabled. It’s a great alternative to Gantt Chart view for viewing project timelines. You’ll be able to use it to view both projects and tasks, and it showcases a full calendar plan in a visual layout. Plus, it offers the same level of customization as the Calendar view.

AI suggestions for all accounts with automation: Previously available in Wrike Labs, AI suggestions for automation are now available to all accounts on Team and higher plans! The suggestions include specific elements related to your space, such as folder names, statuses, and assignees, among others, and will help you save time and make your processes more efficient.

New options to the change assignee automation action: Three new options are available now: you can either auto-assign to the user who created the rule, to a user group, or to the user who triggered the rule. This is super handy when you know you’re going to need a certain user involved in the rest of your process.

change assignee automation update

Public links to new dashboards: You can now share Wrike’s new dashboards via public links that are time-boxed and password-protectable, with usage tracked and managed in the admin console. You’ll love these links for sharing key insights, KPIs, and overviews with colleagues who don’t have a Wrike account yet.

New AI filters in Wrike Labs: You can now filter Table and Board views using natural language commands with AI filters so you can easily access information, set up filters, and locate items within projects/folders quickly, particularly for large items with a significant number of subitems. Simply have the account owner enable the feature in Wrike Labs, and check out our dedicated post for more details.

Prefer a visual walk-through of all our key updates? We’ve got a video for that: 


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