Is it too late to say Happy New Year? We’re still in celebration mode at Wrike HQ as we reflect on the marvelous milestones of last year, from our groundbreaking 2023 Efficiency Report to our best ever Wrike Collaborate conference. 

Here’s a quick recap of our big product updates in 2023:

Screenshot of Wrike Chart view for PS department

… but you already knew all that. What you might not know is how our customers contribute to this kind of product success.

Top user-generated ideas of 2023

If you’re not familiar with Wrike Community, it’s a space for Wrike users to learn new tips and best practices, get the latest info on product releases, and even test new features. There are many forums, one of which is the Product Feedback forum, where we welcome your feedback on existing features and suggestions for new ones. This forum uses a voting system so that our product team can easily select the most popular ideas. 

This isn’t like those neglected suggestion boxes that gather dust in the corner of the office. In fact, the product team takes a lot of time to review and report on these suggestions, factoring them into internal discussions and roadmap planning. And here’s the proof: a list of 16 ideas from the Wrike Community that have been brought to life on our platform in 2023!

Add subtasks to the Board view (281 votes)

True dark mode theme mockup (278 votes)

Custom field HTML link (200 votes)

Clickable links in description in external request forms (155 votes)

Mass-editing projects (146 votes)

Change custom fields’ value through automation (137 votes)

Dynamic request form: Conditional follow-up questions (130 votes)

Request forms: Populate a custom field and title from one question (126 votes)

Showing subtasks in dashboard when also on parent task (125 votes)

Color attribute with custom fields (122 votes)

Order of custom fields in the folder/project/task view (109 votes)

Bullet points in task comments (94 votes)

Request forms: Auto update of mapped custom fields (82 votes)

Roll up effort in project report (75 votes)

Hyperlinks in discussion (72 votes)

New Table view suggestion: Add “last modified date” to selectable columns (69 votes)

That makes up a whopping 2,200 votes, showing the high level of engagement from our users and highlighting just how clued in they are when it comes to platform optimization. We’re so delighted that we could make their excellent suggestions a reality!  

Sometimes, when you’re filling out a feedback form, it can feel like you’re sending your thoughts into outer space. Will anyone even read them? Does anyone even care? Well, we do! That’s why we wanted to show you this list — to prove how much we value our customer insights and encourage you to keep them coming.

What’s next?

There’s more in the works! Here are some other suggestions sent in by Wrike users that we’re planning to deliver in 2024:

🔧 Convert a task into a project (595 votes)*

🔧 Task reminder via Wrike email notification (373 votes)

*Fun fact: This is the most upvoted idea in Community history!

Our product team is also working hard to release the remaining product features announced at Wrike Collaborate 2023, including Wrike’s datahub and increased AI functionality.

graphic view showing all features of Wrike copilot for work management

Don’t forget — we create Wrike for you, the user. Please keep sharing your valuable insights and suggestions on what could make our platform work better for you. We’re eager to see what 2024 has in store and to hear all the innovative ideas you’ve been pondering over.

If you haven’t created a post in the forum before, now’s the time!