Whether you’re a long-time user or taking your first steps towards Wrike mastery, you deserve to let your team and organization know that you’re the expert when it comes to Wrike Analyze. You’ll become the envy of your team. And who knows? You may be one step closer to that well-deserved promotion or raise. Say hello to our newest Wrike Customer Certification program, Report Mastery: Silver.

What is Wrike Analyze?

Wrike Analyze allows you to see your Wrike workspace data in interactive analytics boards. With this robust reporting functionality, you’ll gain big-picture visibility, keep executives informed, and minimize potential risks. From July 1, 2021, Wrike Analyze is available as part of the Pinnacle plan (it was previously a paid add-on). 

Advanced reporting supercharges your Wrike experience, allowing you to:

  • Create dashboards and widgets using pre-built templates or start from scratch with custom analytics boards.
  • Utilize charts and different visualizations to display data in the way that makes the most sense for your team. 
  • Quickly balance team workload with Wrike’s reporting software, avoiding delays by prioritizing projects and reassigning hours. 
  • Monitor portfolio health by ensuring you’re consistently investing in the right projects at the right time, minimizing risk by unlocking an accurate picture of effort.
  • Use conditional formatting to automatically call attention to anything that needs your attention.
  • Share boards with stakeholders to increase trust and accountability. 

About the Report Mastery: Silver Certification Program

The Report Mastery: Silver certification is designed to help you sharpen your knowledge of how to work within Wrike and how to use Wrike Analyze to create powerful boards and widgets that provide your team with the insights they need. 

Before you start the course

To complete Report Mastery: Silver, you’ll need a good basic understanding of core Wrike functionality. If you know how to leverage tasks, folders, and Spaces, and you’re a competent Wrike Analyze user, getting certified will be a breeze! 

Don’t worry if you’re not as familiar with Wrike or Wrike Analyze. The learning modules within the course will teach you everything you need to know to earn your certification. 

How it works

  • Take learning modules that cover core Wrike and Wrike Analyze competencies. (You can opt out of these if you're already comfortable with the material covered.
  • Create a variety of boards and widgets to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Analyze functionality.
  • Pass two assessments with at least an 80% accuracy rate. 
  • Build boards in Wrike Analyze and have your work reviewed by a member of the Wrike team.  

Become a Report Master today

When you finish Report Mastery: Silver, you’ll become an expert on Wrike’s Advanced Reporting capabilities and create the dashboards and widgets to give your team the insights that matter most.

Get certified today!