While still in beta, Wrike Discover, our online training platform, helped drive adoption for thousands of Wrike users. Using practical courses with engaging stories, Discover enables learning by teaching first and then having people immediately apply what they learned.

Now Discover courses — from how to enhance your personal brand to creating an organized space for your department — are available to everyone, allowing you to work confidently and efficiently.

Learn How to Use Wrike Effectively With Wrike Discover 2

Why Wrike Discover?

Learning matters. More than 87% of people are able to work more independently after being trained.

We all have a _____  [insert item that you purchased but never learned to use] — probably a musical instrument. But the thing is, if you never learn to play piano, your life will (probably) go on relatively unaffected.

Work, though — work is something you engage with frequently and regularly and because of that, it does have an effect.

What if each of those hours on each of those days during all of those years was a little easier? What if you:

  • Knew where to find work when you needed it.
  • Didn’t have heart palpitations when your boss asked you for a report on last quarter's work.
  • Learned to use the product management tool your company just purchased.

Wouldn't that make your work life a little better? Why wouldn’t you get a little training to make all those statements true? 

Sounds great, but I have questions …

What type of things can I learn?

Depending on what you want to learn, Wrike Discover offers pre-built tracks for you to explore: 


For brand-new users

Made for anyone who is completely new to Wrike. If you don't know what a task is, start here. It'll help you get comfortable.


For individual productivity

Make your daily job easier with Wrike. Learn how to get the most out of it in order to become more efficient in your work. Make Wrike work for you.


For managers or leaders

You're a manager who wants the best for your team. Drive collaboration and results and engage team members in Wrike. Make their daily jobs easier and get them to the new levels of efficiency. 


Running Wrike

Use functionality reserved for admins to streamline your team's processes and get your team onboarded faster.

Learn How to Use Wrike Effectively With Wrike Discover 3

How do I get to Discover?

It’s easy — visit discover.wrike.com

Are online courses even useful?

We can't speak for all online courses, but these are. Users who take them demonstrate more efficient methods of using Wrike, including experienced Wrike users.

How much does it cost?

It's included with your Wrike subscription. As long as you have Wrike credentials, you're ready to start learning from Discover.

But, really — are the courses boring?

Learn How to Use Wrike Effectively With Wrike Discover 4

Nope. People have a hard time learning if they're bored, so we made sure the courses are engaging (think stories to help keep you invested!).

I know Wrike really well. Can I use Discover to help get others onboarded?

We think that’s a great idea. Actually,  - we have some suggested learning tracks set up if you want suggestions for how to onboard. 

Moral of the story: Try Discover

Don't let Wrike be your _____ [insert thing that you don't use]. Discover is already driving adoption and making work easier. Join the others who are using it to take full advantage of Wrike and make your days a little bit better.

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