You know the Wrike platform; you depend on it every day to collaborate with team members or clients, track projects and tasks, along with a myriad of other activities you’ve created within this incredibly configurable platform. You know how to build out elaborate workflows, you’re a master of resource allocation, your colleagues consider your command of the Gantt chart to be nothing short of magical. You're a true Wrike expert. Don’t you think it’s about time everyone knew? 

Whether you’re a long-time user or taking your first steps towards Wrike mastery, you deserve to let your team and organization know that you’re the expert when it comes to all things Wrike. You’ll become the envy of your team, and you may be one step closer to that well-deserved promotion or raise. Say hello to our new Wrike Customer Certification program and badges.

What is the Wrike Customer Certification program?

The new Customer Certification program is scalable training that Wrike administrators can leverage to get their team familiar with Wrike. The course format includes a combination of e-learning modules, completing courses, and passing a final assessment with a minimum score of 80%. The same team that built our award-winning Discover courses created these certifications, so rest assured they’re high quality and valuable.

The program benefits individual contributors and administrators alike. For individual contributors, becoming certified is another critical success factors for project managers in project management. Meanwhile, for Wrike administrators, having your team certified saves you time in ensuring they understand the same baseline information. Since users must complete assignments and/or an assessment to get certified, champions will also know there's a level of quality control given by Wrike’s stamp of approval.

Prove yourself as the Wrike champion you know you are

Customer certification badges are visual identifiers that announce to the world that you're proficient in using Wrike’s collaborative work management platform. Certification badges come in Bronze or Silver and both programs are excellent for those trying to learn our platform or for Wrike veterans looking to prove their expertise:

Become Wrike Certified With Our New Customer Certification Program 2

Certification for both Bronze and Silver is awarded on an individual user basis. The certifications are standalone from each other, so you can register for the Silver program without needing to pass the Bronze level, for example. We suggest that you select the badge that matches your role and how you use Wrike.

Product Mastery Bronze

Bronze certification is a three step process:

  • Step 1: Complete e-learning modules
  • Step 2: Show completion of the activities in the modules
  • Step 3: Score 80% (or better!) on the final assessment 

What does Bronze certification cover?

This certification is ideal for users working in Wrike but aren't normally responsible for creating and launching projects. Bronze is made up of Discover courses with no additional elearning and users must submit screenshots of the work they complete and pass an assessment with at least 80% to become certified. Here’s what’s covered:


  • Building blocks: tasks, folders, projects, spaces
  • Creating a project
  • Task attributes
  • @Mentions
  • Description field
  • Dashboards (creating one and custom widgets)
  • Email notifications
  • Inbox
  • Milestones
  • My To-Do
  • Personal space (organizing and what to use it for)
  • Sharing
  • Sorting
  • Views: Table, Gantt, List (only basic info about all views)

Bronze Courses

  • 101 Welcome to Wrike
  • 102 Launch Your First Project
  • 103 Complete Your First Project
  • 201 Control Your Email Notifications
  • 203 Use a Personal Space
  • 204 Stay on Top of Work
  • 303 Transparency & Permissions

Bronze certification is $99. Once you achieve Bronze-level status, it remains active for two years.

Product Mastery Silver

Silver certification expands on the foundational concepts and relies on an intermediate level of product knowledge. To earn a Silver badge, customers need to:

  • Step 1: Complete e-learning modules
  • Step 2: Complete practical exercises in a demo account
  • Step 3: Pass the final assessment with at least 80% accuracy

What does Silver certification cover?

This certification was created for users who are managing projects and covers more advanced functionality. As part of the Silver Certification, you'll be set up with a special demo account in which you'll complete activities. To achieve Silver status, you must demonstrate mastery of the following:


  • Attachments
  • Blueprints
  • Deleting
  • Editing profile information
  • Filters
  • Inbox, Search, Starring
  • Modify personal settings
  • Using request forms 
  • Space usage and organization
  • Tasks
  • Sorting
  • User roles
  • Views: Board, Files, List

Silver e-learning consists of 12 modules unique to Silver certification and 11 Discover courses. Once you achieve Silver-level status, it remains active for one year.

Silver certification is $299 and both certifications offer a test-out option that allows you to skip the elearning modules.

Certification value is real

Once you’re fully trained in an industry-leading collaborative work management tool with award-winning content for "Best Customer Training Program," you'll also receive our stamp of approval with an industry-recognized certificate demonstrating that you’ve mastered the product. As an added bonus, you earn a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn, email signatures, or any digital display you prefer. Just as you would adding a Google Ads or HubSpot inbound marketing certified badge, adding a Wrike Certified Bronze or Silver badge could help you advance your career and establish you as a cut above the rest of your peers. That promotion or pay raise may now be closer than ever.

Your badge is waiting

Show the world your Wrike mastery, earn a Customer Certification badge, be the envy of your team, get that promotion or raise you’ve always wanted, and save time training your team on the Wrike platform. Start your certification today by visiting Wrike Discover and selecting the program of your choice.