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We're not like a regular startup, we're a cool startup. ;)

Here's the 411 on work events outside the office: team bonding events are difficult to pull off. They're normally unoriginal or downright boring. At Wrike, we were looking for a way to celebrate a successful end of the quarter with a game that everyone could take part in and be excited about, and we wanted to use a collaborative tool we all know how to use. We decided it was time for... the First Annual Wrike Scavenger Hunt!

It started by creating teams of five and choosing a theme and a name for each team — oh, the creative possibilities! On the big day, teams gathered around and the list of scavenger hunt items was revealed in Wrike tasks. Teams had two hours to run around downtown Mountain View, CA and complete the tasks by uploading proof-of-completion photos or videos to the tasks via Wrike mobile app.

Some of the tasks included taking a selfie with a stranger, snapping photos of all six downtown bubble tea locations, finding an item that cost exactly $0.49 cents, and completing a water balloon toss. Emeka and Patricia — our scavenger hunt facilitators — were able to get updates in real-time on their phones, so they could keep track of who was in the lead as the clock ticked down.

How to Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt in Wrike

Step 1: Divide everyone into groups of 2 or more and have them choose a fun name or theme that represents their team
Step 2: Create a Folder and add a single task.
Step 3: Within that task, add subtasks with the specific actions you want completed during the Scavenger Hunt. Make sure these tasks require teams to take a photo or video they can upload to the subtask before they hit complete. 
Step 4: Duplicate the parent task for each of the participating teams.
Step 5: Name each task with a specific team name and share it with them
Step 6: On the day of the Scavenger Hunt, give all the teams a time limit to complete each subtask. Explain to the teams that they will have to upload a photo or video to each subtask using the free Wrike Mobile App.
Step 7: Follow the Scavenger Hunt progression in real time by watching as the subtasks are completed by each team. The team who completes the most subtasks in the shortest amount of time, wins!
Step 8: Share the winner with us on social media with the hashtag #WrikeScavengerHunt
Have fun and Wrike on!


Check out our short video recap of the scavenger hunt to inspire your own team and use Wrike for your own adventures!

We're an ambitious bunch, so it was a great opportunity to unleash our competitive spirits while having fun with our co-workers. And we found a fun new way to play with Wrike!

How do you use Wrike for fun?

Share your own stories in the comments!

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