Every superhero has a secret weapon. Today, we give you yours.

Back in January, we released our new Android™ app. Now, our new iOS app has been released to complete the pair! It's completely new, native, faster, and better than ever — the perfect tool for defeating tasks with ease. Check it out now!

With our Wrike app for iOS, you can log your ideas, leave feedback, or update tasks immediately whether you're on the train, at the park, or exiting the shower (universally rated the #1 best place for thinking). No need to open your laptop when your phone is always by your side. All your important information is at your fingertips.

The Wrike app is now native, which means that it is faster and more stable on your phone — you can add and reorganize all the tasks you want as quickly as they come to mind. It has also been optimized for the iPad, so you can use the app on screens of all sizes.

And the exciting news just keeps coming: our updated app has a new, beautiful design. So beautiful that you might have to force yourself to look away from your work. With the new style, your favorite Wrike features will function on your phone the same way they do in your browser, so it takes no time at all to learn how to use Wrike's app.

Swipe Gesture in Wrike's New iOS App

Finally, every cool new tool must come with a couple new bells and whistles. Today we're rolling out 2 new features:

  1. Quick task creation. Every task list you view has a "New task" creation field at the top so that you can jot down all your new ideas without pause.
  2. Swipe actions. Your frequent task actions now only require one finger motion. When you need to complete a task, tag it, or delete it, simply swipe it to the right. To schedule a task, swipe to the left.

Get Wrike on the App Store now

Make your coworkers wonder how you get work done so fast. Download our new iOS app in beta today for easy, instant access to your workspace, and become the office Productivity Superhero!

Loved the new app? Give us a high-five at the App Store! Any kind of feedback is very welcome.

And this is only the beginning. Our development team will be adding even more great features to the new app, so stay tuned!