Conflict is a reality of the working world. You deal with different people every day, people with varying perspectives, opinions, and convictions. When contrasting opinions and dynamic personalities collide, expect conflict and disagreements.

As with anything in a professional setting, a little politeness goes a long way to help diffuse the situation.

But you also need to realize that there are ways to approach a conflict that can still help you reach your desired outcome.

The infographic below from Creighton University shows five possible strategies you can use when a conflict arises, each with its own pro and con.


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Tackle Conflict in Any Setting


Five Possible Ways to React to Conflict

1. You avoid it at all costs
Pro: If the negative consequences of confronting the conflict outweigh the pros, then let it go
Con: This may lead to a negative outcome overall

2. You come to a compromise
Pro: Agreement is reached quickly, and no time is wasted
Con: It may appear that your values are easily swayed, which can make you look untrustworthy

3. You accommodate it... for now
Pro: You build goodwill that you can strategically use later on
Con: You may lose any power to control the overall result of the project

4. You collaborate come to an amicable solution for both parties
Pro: You create a win/win situation for all
Con: You lose time to issues that may not be all that important

5. You compete aggressively to get what you want
Pro: Good strategy when you need to move fast
Con: You will not learn the perspective of the other side

What is Conflict and How do You Resolve It?

To better understand conflict in the workplace and why it arises, including steps you can take to resolve messy conflicts, read this blog post: Team Conflict & Conflict Resolution: The 2-Minute Guide

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