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Release Plan Template

Make your upcoming release a complete success with Wrike’s release planning template.

<p>Release Plan Template</p>
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#release planning template
#agile release plan template
#product release plan template
#product release template

Plan every step of your release

If you’re planning to release a new product or enhance an existing product with additional features or fixes, you’ll need to be prepared and organized. This is where a release planning template can help. 

Does your team ever struggle with:

  • Managing complex releases?
  • Designing actionable, step-by-step plans? 
  • Tracking a project’s progress?

Eliminate these obstacles fast with Wrike’s Agile release plan template.

  • Use the product release plan template to simplify complicated releases
  • Create a detailed and easy-to-follow roadmap for every phase of your product release 
  • Keep all of your work in one place to monitor the progress of your tasks

Why you need this release planning template

<h5>Establish clear timelines<br></h5>
Establish clear timelines

The Wrike product release plan template uses sprints. This allows you to break down your release timeline into smaller, easier-to-manage phases based on your needs.

<h5>Streamline communication</h5>
Streamline communication

Our product release template allows users to add comments and @mentions to share key updates and important information securely with colleagues and stakeholders.

<h5>Track ongoing progress<br></h5>
Track ongoing progress

Every task within your release plan template should have designated assignees responsible for completion. Monitor each team member’s progress to guarantee deadlines are met.

<p>Execute every product release easily</p>

Execute every product release easily

<p>Execute every product release easily</p>

How to use Wrike’s release plan template

Releasing or updating a product can be challenging. Make sure you’re organized and on track for success with Wrike’s release planning template.

Let’s take a look at some of the release planning features at your disposal.

  • Break your product release plan into phases, projects, and tasks for easier organization
  • Assign tasks to team members and review their progress using the board view
  • Visualize your release plan’s development and upcoming deadlines using a Gantt chart
  • Combine urgent or important tasks into sprints using dashboards for easy project oversight

The product release plan template will help you divide complex plans into manageable steps, customize workflows to keep things moving, and track progress on a visual timeline.

Interested in trying Wrike’s release plan template for yourself? Just follow these three simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Break down your release plan into phases

From your Wrike homepage, enter the “Release Plan” Space to view your tools. Select the one marked “Backlog Release Project Dashboard” on the left-hand side.  

Here, you can break down your release plan into phased projects and tasks, sorted by their due dates. You can also keep your deferred projects separate to prioritize more urgent tasks.

Step 2: Visualize your plan, phases, and sprints

Get a 360° view of your plan with Wrike’s product release template. Use the “Release Calendar” tool to display your phases, projects, and scheduled release dates in a calendar format, color-coded for urgency. 

Alternatively, select the “Sprint Dashboard” to keep an eye on your active and archived sprint projects. 

Step 3: Keep all your work in one safe place

In the “Projects and Folders” section, you’ll find a “Release Backlog” folder. There, all the projects that were added to the folder will appear, along with their statuses and additional details. 

You can add a new item, too, in case it’s not in another space. Archive completed or paused projects in the “Deferred” folder for future use. 

Work your way with Wrike

The easy-to-use product release plan template is the key to releasing or updating products successfully. Once you’re comfortable with its Spaces, folders, and dashboards, you can take a tour of Wrike’s other great benefits.

Our industry-leading work management platform has a range of features designed to help you design, manage, and deliver even your most complex product release plans. These include:

Product release plans often involve multiple teams, varying locations, and shifting requirements. That’s why Wrike’s software is flexible, adaptable, and fully customizable for your specific needs. Manage your work, your plan, and your release — your way.

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<p>Make every release a success</p>

Make every release a success

<p>Make every release a success</p>


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