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Product Backlog Template

Try the Wrike product backlog template and track all product ideas in one place.

Track product ideas and make plans

The product backlog template allows you to create an actionable list of ideas and tasks that supports the development of your products. It helps your team plan and prioritize all ideas and make product roadmaps that capture customer and company-wide needs. 

The template is perfect for product teams who need to: 

  • Track product suggestions
  • Build product roadmaps
  • Monitor project progress for products

Try Wrike’s agile product backlog template now.

  • Prioritize product updates according to importance with Wrike’s backlog example  
  • Use the backlog template to create a practical product roadmap and associated tasks and projects 
  • Attach necessary resources to each product project to complete tasks efficiently

Why you need the product backlog template

<h5>Store every idea</h5>
Store every idea

A product backlog template serves as a secure space for all product ideas from customers, the product team, and teams across your organization. Anyone working on your products can simply access the backlog to see suggestions, what is currently being worked on, and what tasks are upcoming.

<h5>Prioritize tasks</h5>
Prioritize tasks

Your product development team has to manage a large backlog of ideas and translate them into actionable tasks. As these can’t all be completed at once, you need to decide which tasks take priority. Use color coding and scheduling in your Scrum backlog template to assign precise dates for each task so you and your team know where to focus.

<h5>Review performance</h5>
Review performance

While the primary purpose of your backlog template is to store and categorize ideas and tasks, it also works as a fantastic platform for reviewing team and product performance. You can assess whether developers are working towards goals and implementing feedback to ensure each product is reaching optimal potential.

<p>Capture ideas. Enhance products.</p>

Capture ideas. Enhance products.

<p>Capture ideas. Enhance products.</p>

How to make the most of the product backlog template

The backlog template is designed with product development teams in mind, enabling them to monitor suggestions and ideas while streamlining product-related processes. 

This can be achieved through several powerful Wrike features included in this template. 

backlog template screenshot

Wrike’s product backlog template is primarily a way to store all product suggestions to ensure constant enhancements. However, it can also be used as an end-to-end product development workflow. 

Step 1: Store product ideas and suggestions

Constantly improve and enhance products by tracking all suggestions through a customizable request form. 

See all product ideas from customers and teams across your organization in one place. 

Step 2: Launch product projects 

Build a detailed product roadmap based on actionable feedback. 

Launch projects into your product team’s workflows and build out tasks and folders for each phase of product development. 

Step 3: Track work and progress

Get instant visibility into ongoing product projects and how they are progressing. 

Instantly see product tasks and projects in the pipeline and track status in real time. 

Ready to explore Wrike features for product teams?  

Push your product development processes even further with these powerful Wrike features: 

Wrike is 100% customizable, so you can build out processes and workflows that actually work for your team.

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<p>Ready to transform your product team?</p>

Ready to transform your product team?

<p>Ready to transform your product team?</p>


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