Virtual Teams Can Easily Adapt to Life Outside the Physical Office With Wrike Remote Work Template

May 28, 2020

Out-of-the-box, pre-built configuration gives team managers the necessary resources to support distributed teams, keep projects on track, and deliver stronger project outcomes

San Jose, Calif., May 28, 2020 - Wrike, the most versatile collaborative work management platform, today introduced Wrike Remote Work Template. With more work now taking place in virtual office environments, team managers can use this best practices framework to keep projects on track and to stay in sync with employees while working remotely. The zero-touch setup and pre-built configuration allow teams to get up and running quickly and easily.

"With the current world situation, all of our teams are working from home. Having all departments remote, the struggle with communication would have destroyed this company if we did not have Wrike,” said Andrea Flores, Commercial Director, IURO. “The amount of features we are learning and using has made us stronger, faster and better. It translates to a more productive company. Most people use the term ‘home-office.’ But to be honest, Wrike is our new office. We are together, every day, through Wrike."

Keeping projects organized can be difficult for remote teams. Wrike Remote Work Template eases the transition to remote working with an organized workspace that clearly shows important team projects and task dependencies.

Key benefits of Wrike Remote Work Template include:

  • Manage remote team work with a Gantt chart or a table view that shows all active projects as well as project timelines and any key dependencies that should be prioritized.
  • Visualize work with personal dashboards that provide a board view of active tasks. Managers can focus on the right work and stay on top of current assignments and outstanding approvals, especially outside the structure and routine of a physical office.
  • Automate recurring meetings to ensure employees feel supported, show up prepared, and stay actionable. A centralized action items folder allows managers to turn meeting outcomes into tasks that can be assigned to the relevant team members.

“Wrike has made the transition to a remote work environment as smooth as possible for our team,” said Olivia Kays, Communications Project Manager, Higher Education. “Using Wrike, we have been able to easily track project progress and updates during these unprecedented times. We have also been able to rely on the reporting to keep our leadership informed despite being physically apart. This experience has only reminded us just how necessary Wrike is for our team.”

“Businesses are transitioning to remote work environments, and it’s now more important than ever for teams to stay connected,” said Alexey Korotich, VP of Product Management at Wrike. “Wrike is committed to delivering solutions that ensure businesses can continue serving their customers, especially during a challenging business environment.”

To learn more about Wrike Remote Work Template, please visit our blog: Wrike Remote Work Template Brings Teams Together & Keeps Projects on Track.

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