New Data Unveils Wrike's Key Value Drivers: Visibility and Seamless Cross-functional Workflow Automation

December 5, 2023

Wrike Collaborative Work Management Index shows visibility is the top value delivered for customers (66%); time spent requesting status updates and project details is reduced 


SAN DIEGO, Calif., December 5, 2023 - Wrike, the most powerful work management platform, today released the results of the Collaborative Work Management Index (CWMI), which reveals where customers are getting the most value out of Wrike. The findings show that improved visibility into work is the biggest value driver for introducing Wrike into an organization, followed by improved standardization of work practices and better collaboration and communication.

“Data-driven decision making is the name of the game and we take this same approach to understanding our customers,” said Brian Nourani, President and CRO at Wrike. “Analyzing customer feedback and taking time to understand where they are getting the most value out of Wrike is invaluable for both sides when work complexities are costing organizations up to $60M a year. Findings from the CWMI help us build a more intentional product roadmap and open the door for account teams to have more informed discussions with our customers about accelerating the value of Wrike across teams.”

In the coming year, business leaders anticipate increases in IT budgets, with approximately 30% of that budget going toward investment in new project or work management software. Whether organizations are looking to introduce a new solution or expand their current instance, it's helpful to understand where their teams and peers have realized the biggest opportunities to maximize efficiency. Here are a few of the key findings. 

  • Visibility is a key value driver: 66% of customers say Wrike has improved visibility into work, and 53% say it provides more visibility into work progress and helps identify bottlenecks. For example, increased visibility helped Wrike customer InDrive reduce time to production by as much as 25%.
  • Workflows are more streamlined: 57% of customers say Wrike has improved standardization of work practices, and 55% say the platform has improved collaboration and communication. Syneos Health has successfully managed more than 25,000 projects in Wrike across multiple global teams. 
  • Organizations are saving time: 77% of Wrike customers saved time spent requesting status updates; 77% saved time requesting information; 68% saved time spent emailing. Appfolio’s marketing project management office (PMO) saved 5,553 hours (694 working days) in 2022. 

Visibility is critical for alignment across teams, departments, and organizations, but research shows this is a key challenge for businesses. Teams driving strategic initiatives, and PMOs in particular, are typically tasked with managing multiple projects and teams across business functions so it’s essential that they have a solution in place that gives them visibility into work. They can then align on strategy, which guides execution and allows work to get done cross-functionally with fewer barriers. It also gives them the ability to report on progress and results in real-time, ensuring all work ladders up to business outcomes. 

“We’ve found that when we have siloed work and work that is inaccessible to teams, it becomes a major barrier to success,” says Sherrie Besecker, creative technology manager, at Syneos Health. “We’re constantly in this evolution of looking at what we are doing and figuring out how to do it better, and that includes Wrike.” 

Greater visibility paves the way for increased efficiency, which will continue to be at the top of every organization's priority list next year. This also creates an opportunity for PMOs and those in project management roles within specific departments to implement meaningful change and best practices company-wide.

“My team rolled out Wrike in 2018 with just 300 users,” continues Besecker. “By 2019 all of the other business units were interested in joining the platform, so we used the same initial launch plan to replicate, customize and scale for other teams, starting with our marketing department. We now have over 2,500 users on Wrike around the globe. Wrike has helped establish visibility into process strategies across multiple teams, helping the organization scale better as a whole.” 

To understand more about how Wrike customers are getting the most value out of the platform, download the full one-pager here

Collaborative Work Management Index Methodology

The CWMI is a value benchmarking & maturity assessment run by Wrike for Wrike customers to help them understand how their full team is using and benefiting from a CWM solution, and how they compare to others in their industry. The findings reflect 915 participants across marketing, PMO, Professional Services, IT, Operations, Human Resources, Engineering and other departments, and job levels range from individual contributor to executive.

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