Workfront Alternative:
See Why Millions Choose Wrike

Wrike is an easy-to-use, robust alternative to Workfront. Avoid weeks of expensive setup, poor team adoption, and high maintenance costs by choosing Wrike. Use the Workfront comparison chart below to see why Wrike is the clear choice for thousands of organizations worldwide.

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Wrike allows us to keep track of everything in one simple place, reducing the amount of information slipping through the cracks.

Theresa Sengstock

Web Project Coordinator at Metro Studios

Wrike vs. Workfront


Get Started immediately

Tasks that live in multiple projects
Prioritize across projects
Price for a team of 15 users

$150/mo paid annually

Activity stream

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Interactive Timeline (Gantt Chart)
Workload view
One task in several projects
Cross-project prioritization
Edit MS Office files online without downloading
Single - click project and team reporting

Main features

3 times less costly

For 15 users, Wrike's project management software costs $150/month. Compare Workfront and learn it will cost you much more, at $450/month for 15 users.

Cross-project prioritization and visibility

Allocate resources to tasks and projects, check and forecast the team’s workload, resolve schedule conflicts, and reorganize assignments with a few clicks. Then build reports to visualize project and team performance in an easily digestible format.

Flexible organization

Tag a task into multiple folders, create a hierarchy of folders and subfolders, include projects into folders and vice versa: Wrike fits any work structure that suits your team.

Real-time collaboration

Upload documents and files directly to tasks, then edit and version attachments without downloading them. Collaboratively edit task descriptions in real-time.


Track time spent on a particular task, or create time reports for a group of tasks.

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