2.3m users chose Wrike over Workfront. Why? Flexibility.

Discover why global organizations prefer Wrike’s adaptable work management platform instead of rigid tools like Workfront.


Wrike has so much more to offer

Comparison of Wrike and Asana toolsComparison of Wrike and Asana tools

Wrike offers better, easier-to-use features

What makes Wrike one-of-a-kind

User experience

Wrike was built for the real world, with easy adoption and intuitive navigation. Don’t just take our word for it —  industry experts Forrester recently rated Wrike 5/5 for user experience.


Every customer is unique, so your work management platform should be too. Wrike’s highly configurable software supports hundreds of use cases and multiple ways of working.


Don’t let basic software stunt your growth. Wrike was built for everyone, from one user to 10,000+It is designed to scale in tandem with your business without ever compromising in usability.


No need to leave your favorite tools behind. With 400+ integrations, Wrike’s powerful platform works seamlessly with all the most popular applications, including Gmail, Slack, and Adobe.

Cross-team collaboration

Who has time to duplicate tasks? Wrike excels at cross-functional work management with the ability to cross-tag a project in multiple spaces. That means no wasted time — just easy collaboration and smooth progress.

External users

Keep external collaborators in the loop. Wrike allows users to share project plans with internal partners, outside clients, or third-party contractors without compromising security.

Top-rated by real industry experts

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“Wrike replaced Workfront (formerly AtTask), and has brought huge improvements to our team's project management.”

Rand H., Creative Director
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“We abandoned Workfront in favor of Wrike after 18 months of difficulty trying to get the system to be as easy and transparent as it had been demo'd to us.”

Habegger, Dyke, Creative Director, Frontline Education
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“Workfront — well — we had a lot of issues with that system. It may have just been too big for our needs, but Wrike felt just right for an organization of our size with our needs.”

Grunwell, Annie, Content Marketing Specialist, Frontline Education

Game-changing features designed for every type of team

Wrike will help you collaborate, automate, and accelerate — no matter where you are or how you work.

<p><span>Keep the tools you like in the platform you love</span></p>

Wrike integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, Slack, Adobe CC, and more than 400 other applications. It even includes native and custom integrations with no bugs, no lags, and no problems.

<p><span>Get 40% more efficient today</span><br></p>

Get 40% more efficient today

Take a 14-day trial to see for yourself how Wrike helps you reach infinite possibilities in the way you work.

<p><span>Get 40% more efficient today</span><br></p>