When it comes to AI, everything’s in constant motion. And at Wrike, our team is no different. We’re constantly working to add important new AI functionality to our platform so our 20,000 customers around the world have even more power behind their business processes. 

But we’re also aware that AI can feel like uncharted territory. That’s why, as we announce three incredible new features powered by generative AI today, we want to share more about how AI works across our platform and our vision for how it can meaningfully impact our customers' workflows. We believe it’s critical that we’re transparent about the role AI plays in our product because we know that tens of thousands of organizations trust Wrike with their business-critical workflows and data. 

Our vision is to use AI-accelerated solutions to simplify sophisticated workflows. When we envision the Wrike platform in the future, we know that AI features will play a critical role in eliminating or automating repetitive and manual tasks, improving productivity and wellbeing for our customers and our employees, and driving more impactful outcomes. 

Simply put, we want to keep humans in the driver’s seat, because we know that people will power AI in the future, not the other way around. At the same time, we want to free workers from tedious (yet necessary) tasks that stall time to market and increase employee burnout. 

We know from personal experience that workdays can easily get eaten up by tasks that are required but are far from satisfying. If Wrike can help automate or even eliminate those repeatable tasks, we know we can allow our millions of users to focus more on work that’s fulfilling and engaging — and helps drive businesses forward. 

Our vision for how Wrike can harness AI to empower our users to focus on important work underscores every feature we roll out. These three new Wrike features are no different. 

New Wrike AI features to power your workflows

Our new generative AI features are part of our Work Intelligence® solution, which is powered by an industry-leading AI and automation engine purpose-built for work. 

We’re excited that all our customers will now have access to these new time-saving and productivity-boosting features: 

  • AI summary quickly summarizes essential information in long tasks or comment threads.
  • AI content creation easily generates project briefs, campaign plans, and creative ideas.  You can construct descriptions from scratch, tailoring them to match brand and personal voice.
  • AI content editing changes the tone and length of text, checks spelling, or translates text into other languages. 

We’ve been using these features in Wrike Labs and can tell you from our experience: they are game changers. You don’t have to cut and paste text into a separate ChatGPT window to adjust the tone or summarize meeting notes. All of those incredible enhancements can now happen right in Wrike, saving you time and energy and improving the quality of your work. 

These new AI features join our previously released Work Intelligence® features: 

  • AI automations identify patterns based on user actions and provide recommendations, such as automating repeatable items or starting an approval.
  • AI search quickly searches and finds items, assets, tools, help articles, templates, and more, just like your favorite search engine.
  • AI risk prediction automatically assesses a project’s potential for success, raises red flags, and recommends adjustments to improve project planning and increase the chance of timely completion.
  • AI mobile allows you to check updates, take action, collaborate on your mobile device, and delegate actions with mobile voice commands.
  • AI recommended tasks prioritize work to ensure you’re working on the tasks that require the most attention first.
  • AI action items translate notes into action items, and auto-create meeting notes, tasks, and more.

All of these features are powered by our industry-leading data model, which is the backbone of our Work Intelligence® solution. This data model is proven at scale, with 500 billion historical data points and support for connected work structures, counting 100,000 items and more. It can surface insights, identify patterns, and detect risk factors, allowing users to make informed decisions based on accessing limitless possibilities for insight and workforce productivity. 

Our AI offers insights that will help you make the best decisions because they’re based on decisions you and others have already made.

Our secure and ethical approach to AI

Now for the most important topic: security. Our Work Intelligence solution® is backed by enterprise-grade security and a rigorously enforced ethics policy.

We will continue to securely and ethically leverage this data to drive impactful work in new and profound ways for our customers.

To learn more, read our complete security policy.

Try Wrike’s AI features for yourself

Are you ready to try Wrike AI within your workflows? We’re certain Wrike’s growing range of Work Intelligence® solutions will break down the barriers keeping you from accomplishing deep, meaningful work. 

If you aren’t yet a Wrike user, now’s your chance to try our most powerful suite of AI features yet with a free trial. Try it for yourself and get the power of AI at your fingertips.