Wrike AI Ethics Policy

Wrike’s mission is to help you do the best work of your life by enabling your organization to work as one, automate the mundane, and focus on the impactful. Our commitment to this mission extends to our application of artificial intelligence (AI). We recognize the power of AI to transform the workplace, but we also acknowledge the responsibilities that come with this technology. Our AI Ethics Policy outlines how we approach AI — guided by our four core values.

<h5>Customer-focused AI</h5>
Customer-focused AI

As a customer-centric company, our AI systems will always be designed with our users in mind. We aim to ensure that our AI initiatives enhance our products, improving the customer experience and delivering increased value. Our AI algorithms are developed to respect user privacy, maintain the utmost data security, and ensure user control. Our decisions and actions in AI development correspond directly to customer needs and feedback.

<h5>Collaborative AI</h5>
Collaborative AI

We believe in the power of collective strength for better outcomes. In the spirit of collaboration, our AI systems are designed to promote teamwork, facilitate communication, and foster a sense of unity. We will ensure that input from all stakeholders is taken into consideration during AI development and deployment. Furthermore, we aim for our AI to be human centered, augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them.

<h5>Creative AI</h5>
Creative AI

Innovation is a cornerstone of our company. Our AI initiatives will be pursued with creativity to deliver novel concepts and ground-breaking solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. Our focus on creativity ensures that we don't just follow the trends; we aim to shape the future of work. We strive to maintain transparency about our AI functionality, inspiring trust and promoting innovative interaction from users.

<h5>Committed AI</h5>
Committed AI

Accountability is a fundamental principle of our work. At every step of AI implementation, from initial development to customer support, we stand committed to providing responsible and ethical use of AI. By design, we incorporate meaningful human oversight in our processes and procedures. We aim to ensure our AI systems are transparent, fair, and reliable, and maintain high-quality standards. If we identify any unethical issues, we will take corrective action, which may include modifying the AI systems or, in extreme cases, discontinuing them. Our dedication to continuous learning and improvement helps us ensure the ongoing accuracy, effectiveness, and ethical implementation of our AI systems.

Respect for these principles and values guides Wrike's deployment of AI solutions. We are mindful of the evolving nature of AI technologies and the ethical challenges they may present. As such, we commit to regular reviews and updates to this AI Ethics Policy to ensure it remains relevant and effectively addresses the significant impact of the interactions between humans and AI in delivering extraordinary work management solutions. We believe that by adhering to these AI ethics – which are deeply rooted in our organizational culture and values – we will better serve our users and society as a whole, shaping a future where AI fully recognizes and amplifies human potential.

Together, let’s create a future where AI is used responsibly and contributes positively to the best work of our lives.