When you talk about product design, you're talking about the numerous processes involved in creating a product — whether physical or digital. It must have functionality that answers a target market's specific needs, and it must have an aesthetically pleasing form. It's a formula that Apple has used with much success.

But where does one find the inspiration to build the type of fabulous products that turn casual customers into rabid fans?

Below is a list of our top 5 blogs for product design inspiration, chosen by a combination of their Alexa rank and the personal preferences of our team. These websites and blogs post inspiring links to cool product design from around the globe. They also cover a wide spectrum of design topics, including: UI/UX, graphic design, product management prioritization, industrial design, even fashion and architecture. Bookmark them or add them to your RSS reader. There's more than enough here to jumpstart ideas for your hot new product.

The Top 5 Blogs for Product Design Inspiration

1. Yanko Design | RSS Feed
Tagline: Modern Industrial Design News
Top 5 Product Design Blogs to Follow

Yanko has been around since 2002 as a web magazine that highlights outstanding examples of modern industrial design, as well as interior design, technology, architecture, and fashion. From its stark black wooden background to the types of futuristic gadgets that they showcase, this website is for those looking for products that are sleek, shiny, and — dare we say it — downright sexy. A must-read for those looking to create forward-looking products.


2. Design You Trust | RSS Feed
Tagline: World's Most Famous Social Inspiration
Top 5 Product Design Blogs to Follow
Design You Trust is more of a crowdsourced platform than an actual curated website, as its menu immediately gives you the option to submit a post. Think of it as a "bloggier" version of Reddit's design-focused subreddits. However, as a general one-stop-shop of design and art ideas, it cannot be beat. Aside from design posts, expect coverage of more popular subject matter such as fashion photography, graphic design, interior decorating, and yes, even makeup.

3. Inhabitat | RSS Feed for Products
Tagline: Design will save the world
Top 5 Product Design Blogs to Follow
If you're looking for design inspiration that is eco-friendly as well as beautiful, Inhabitat is your go-to source. They feature green design ideas for physical products as well as architecture, technology, and fashion. It's chock-full of the best green design ideas and innovations. A visual smorgasbord for those looking to build products for an earth-friendly future.

4. NOTCOT.ORG | RSS feed
Tagline: For your ideas+aesthetics+amusement
Top 5 Product Design Blogs to Follow

NOTCOT is actually two sites: There is NOTCOT.COM, which is the editorial side — more of a curated web magazine, complete with in-depth feature articles on products, product design, technology, designers, innovations, and trends. Then there is NOTCOT.ORG, which is the crowdsourced bulletin board where creatives post images and links to products that inspire them. Think Pinterest specifically for design. For quick visual ideas, the .ORG offers the viewer much more to absorb.

5. Behance.net Featured Projects | Link to the Product Design Category 
Tagline: Showcase and Discover Creative Work
Top 5 Product Design Blogs to Follow

Since 2006, Behance has been Adobe's platform for bringing talent and creative opportunities together. Although it looks somewhat like Pinterest in layout, it allows creatives to showcase their best work so that clients can come and hire them. Look through their dropdown menus for a wide breadth of categories — from a product management launch plan to product design to graphic design, architecture, motion graphics, photography, and more, all easily searchable by tag. You'll find a specific category for "Product Design" but also check out the "Industrial Design" and "UI/UX" categories.

What Product Design Blogs Do You Read Regularly?

Yes, we probably missed your favorite inspirational product design blog in the world. But we won't know what it is until you tell us. You know what to do in that comment box below. Set us straight, ASAP!

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