Now you can set the priority of your e-mails, and your tasks in Wrike will be prioritized as well. Recently, we offered you the ability to create special folders for tasks with high priority, so that you have quick access to them. Wrike now helps you pay even more attention to high-priority tasks.  Let me show you how it works.

You create an e-mail, cc it to [email protected] and mark it as of high importance. For example in your outlook:

The task is immediately created in your Wrike workspace and marked with the exclamation mark. The same applies to low-importance tasks. However, they are marked with the downward arrow.

Then you can sort your tasks by their importance within the folder by clicking the grey arrow in the top panel (1).


You can also work on tasks with one type of importance. To do so, you click the small letter under the top grey panel (2) and choose the appropriate priority. “A” means all types of importance, N-normal, L-low, H-high. It’s easy.  

Certainly, you can change the importance of the task. You simply double click the exclamation mark (downward arrow or empty field to the left from the task title) and update the priority level:


Alternatively, you can click the “edit task” link and choose the priority that currently suits your task: