At Wrike, we’re passionate about reducing work complexity and helping companies do more with less. To that end, we’re excited to announce new agreements with HubSpot, AWS, and Miro, three leading tech stack platforms. These relationships will help marketing and sales teams consolidate platforms so they can get their most important work done, faster. 

So why are these three platforms so powerful when combined with Wrike? It’s all about eliminating wasted time. Here’s how. 

The average knowledge worker switches between an average of 14 apps every day. Stop and think for a minute: how many apps do you use in your daily work? How many passwords do you have to remember? How often do you have to duplicate the same information on different platforms? That adds up to a ton of wasted time throughout the day. 

When you consider how complex and complicated work has gotten in the last decade, it’s no wonder employees are worn out. But the current state of your tech stack presents a huge opportunity to eliminate all that wasted time. 

Consolidating the apps you use in your daily work will save you time and money, and significantly cut down on frustration. That’s why Wrike is thrilled to announce that we’re continuing to lead the charge in eliminating work complexity and simplifying tech stacks. We’re now available in the HubSpot Marketplace as well as the AWS Marketplace, and we’ve just introduced a new integration with Miro, adding to our list of 400+ integrations with the most critical apps. 

Engage end-to-end workflow automation with HubSpot

Wrike’s two-way sync with HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, is critical for connecting end-to-end workflow automation for marketing, sales, and service departments. For marketing and sales teams especially, this powerful combination results in improved alignment, faster project execution, and an elevated customer experience. 

So what does this two-way sync look like? HubSpot tasks, deals, and tickets are synced with Wrike tasks in real time, providing teams with full visibility to properly manage the entire customer journey, from marketing initiatives, like campaign management, to sales initiatives, like deal desk management. 

By consolidating Wrike and HubSpot and breaking down organizational silos, teams can operate in lockstep, close deals much faster, and deliver a better customer experience. 

Enable easier procurement with the AWS Marketplace

(AWS) Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Bringing Wrike to AWS Marketplace means that both new and existing Wrike customers will benefit from streamlined sourcing and contracting, as well as the ability to transact directly through the marketplace. Enterprise customers will get a consolidated billing option and the ability to apply the purchase of Wrike against existing AWS spend commitments. Wrike’s listing in the AWS Marketplace will enable easier procurement and faster deployment of high-impact SaaS solutions for compliant communication and collaboration. 

Our Vice President of Partnerships, Business, and Corporate Development at Wrike, Archie Sharma, pointed out that being listed in the AWS Marketplace aligns well with Wrike’s overarching objectives: “This all ladders up to our larger goal of allowing organizations to save on software consolidation and free teams up from app overload so they can focus on their most impactful work.”

Unlock collaboration capabilities with Miro

Finally, Wrike’s partnership with Miro, the online, visual collaboration platform, unlocks incredible collaboration capabilities for Wrike users who rely on Miro to capture their creative ideas. Previously, Miro users had to manually transfer ideas into Wrike for execution. With this new integration, Wrike tasks and projects are automatically connected through the synchronization solution Unito

Available now, the fully embeddable Wrike add-on allows customers to automatically create Wrike tasks based on Miro cards and keep those work items updated in real time via two-way sync, with no professional implementation services required. 

Are you ready to consolidate apps and spend more time on the work that matters most? Start a Wrike two-week trial for free — no downloads and no credit card necessary. See for yourself how Wrike can save you time and money, helping you do more with less.