The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has dawned and it’s changing everything about how we live and work. From predictive text to chatbots, transcription services, and the much-discussed ChatGPT, machine learning is helping organizations to become faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever. More importantly, it’s empowering the human workforce, who can use that saved time and energy to put their unique skills and talents to work.

Among those humans are directors of project management offices (PMOs), portfolio managers, and program and project managers. Every PMO is different but they’re all focused on the same thing: success.

As any PMO professional knows, project management and project delivery are two different things. Even with the greatest of intentions, the best PMO software, and the highest investments (estimated at $48 trillion a year), the reality is that not every project reaches the finish line. In fact, according to well-known research carried out by the Standish Group, almost two-thirds of projects are unsuccessful. This equates to a huge loss of time, effort, and resources — all of which are growing ever-scarcer in today’s turbulent economy.

Now imagine a world where projects run on time, risks are managed, and successful delivery is the rule, not the exception. That world is possible with Wrike.

The most advanced PMO platform

In the past, bringing AI and machine learning into your company would have involved lengthy development and costly investment. Now, the most cutting-edge applications are available at your fingertips in Wrike’s all-in-one work management platform. 

Wrike is leading the way in AI in PMO with its game-changing Work Intelligence™ suite, a combination of advanced automation and the best AI tools that is actively helping PMOs streamline planning, accelerate execution, and improve project success rates.

“Wrike has always pioneered the future of work, and AI is our most exciting frontier yet,” says Archie Sharma, Vice President of Partnerships, Business, and Corporate Development at Wrike. “For more than a decade, we’ve been expanding our machine learning capabilities, training our AI algorithms, and drawing on proven processes to transform the world of PMO.” 

Wrike’s PMO work management platform and its powerful features connect all the dots, aligning everything from strategy to execution, all the way to rolled-up projects, programs, and portfolios. 

Accelerating with automation

PMOs are masters at multitasking but, with so many plates spinning in the air, it’s easy to fall behind on one project or another. Automation can take care of that problem by continuously moving in the background to churn through tasks, streamline workflows, slash administrative time, and reduce human error. 

That way, project management teams can spend less time planning and more time executing.

  • Automated workflows: Wrike makes it easy to set up automated workflows with specific rules that change the status of an item as it progresses. Automatically issue reminders, reassign tasks, and flag delays to keep momentum while you get on with everything else.
  • Automated triggers: One action tends to lead to another. Make it a smooth, predictable process with Wrike’s automated updates, messages, or reminders — triggered as soon as the right conditions are reached. That way, no task is left lingering and no deadline is delayed.

  • Automated request forms: Is there anything worse than request forms that generate more questions than answers? With Wrike, you can create custom request forms that automatically route to specific parties, workflows, and Blueprints, kick-starting projects fast — with no back-and-forth.

  • Automated Blueprints: Make success repeatable with Wrike’s automated Blueprints. No need to spend hours manually project planning — simply templatize the steps that work and then click to generate and share a fully developed plan in seconds.

Working smarter with AI

The road to PMO execution can be unpredictable, with unexpected market changes and organizational challenges. One of the most valuable benefits of AI in project management is the ability to manage uncertainty and minimize disruptions, using predictive analytics, automatic reports, and smarter, safer ways of working. 

Empowering PMO teams with the best AI tools available helps make project management a smoother, more successful process for all. These features include: 

  • Powerful risk prediction: Put machine learning to work to safeguard your business. Built on more than a decade of project management data, Wrike’s AI Project Risk Prediction can spot potential project delays, issue advance alerts, and make managing projects smooth and stress-free.

  • AI-created subtasks: Make meetings worthwhile again. Utilizing the most advanced natural language processing, Wrike’s AI Subtask Creation transforms unstructured meeting notes into key action items in the form of subtasks, helping you hit the ground running on projects. 

  • AI-generated reports: Report deadlines rolling around too fast? Let AI take care of every PMO’s least favorite task. It can review progress, summarize risk levels, and issue weekly or monthly reports to all relevant stakeholders. That way, nobody’s blindsided by unexpected delays.

  • Smart suggestions: Wrike minimizes human error and keeps workflows problem-free with smart suggestions on @mentions, assignees, and location search results. Avoid incorrect tagging or accidental file shares, making for a better, safer user experience.

  • AI-recommended tasks: We’re all trying to do more with less these days. Wrike’s work management platform can prioritize what really matters, with an automatic list of daily to-dos. Make sure that everyone’s progressing towards shared goals, rather than wasting time in the weeds.
Wrike machine learning capabilities allow teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever
Image: Possessed Photography/Unsplash

Building the future of connected work

Research by PwC found that only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. Although tiny in number, those outlier companies have clearly found the key to delivering PMO excellence.

This is likely to include an industry-leading project management solution, with powerful capabilities that can achieve operational efficiency, deliver optimal outcomes, and align strategy with delivery. When choosing the best PMO software, it’s vital that stakeholders look to future-proof their selection, ensuring their teams are equipped with the most up-to-date technological advancements. The time for debating and discussing AI has passed — modern companies need easy, daily access to an AI-led project management tool now, or else they will find themselves left behind in a fast-moving market. 

"The best PMO offices will be automating most of the processes in their workflow that exist today, and focusing on delivering value and outcomes for the business in terms of profitability and revenue growth,” says Sharma. “This will require the PMO organization to have strong problem-solving skills and a platform that will help them uncover business insights that they can transform into actionable strategies."

Wrike’s industry-leading efforts to drive AI in project management are paving the path to future PMO success. As Harvard Business Review recently pointed out: “If applying AI and other technological innovations to project management could improve the success ratio of projects by just 25%, it would equate to trillions of dollars of value and benefits to organizations, societies, and individuals.”

Wrike equips our customers with the best AI tools available to take full advantage of this great opportunity, achieve unparalleled productivity, and stay ahead of the competition — today, tomorrow, and for many years ahead.

To see for yourself how Wrike and AI can transform your PMO, get started with a free two-week trial today.