Do you ever feel like work is flying at your team at the speed of light? The rate at which teams are expected to complete projects and tasks is higher than ever — and employees as well as employers are feeling that pressure. That’s why we designed Wrike Lightspeed. In this day and age, you need a platform that enables your team to thrive and excel at lightspeed. 

Wrike Lightspeed is also designed to bring tasks into the light, increasing visibility so every team member has the information they need to complete their best work — and so managers, executives, and stakeholders can quickly understand project progress in a blink. 

We recently published a study that really shocked us — and as a result, pushed us to design Wrike Lightspeed, the most powerful work management platform on the market. Our study on the Dark Matter of Work underlined just how much employees and organizations are suffering from inefficient processes, the daily juggle of too many windows, apps, and passwords, and a disconnect between individual work and what it means for the organization. 

What the Dark Matter of Work really means to your organization

The Dark Matter of Work is what gets lost in the gaps between systems and solutions that aren't integrated. It’s the time that’s wasted when you have to duplicate work in one app that you’ve already done in another. It’s the resources that could be better used elsewhere, but are instead poured into updating your stakeholders about project progress or sending email after email to a coworker asking for information. 

The Dark Matter of Work doesn’t just bog down your employees’ productivity; it can crush the soul of your company. 

Picture this: You’re an employee who has to switch between an average of 14 apps throughout your day. In several platforms, you have to update the same tasks to reflect work you’ve done between fielding email requests for more tasks. When you finally get a chance to get into deep work, you realize the information you need is buried in email threads and Slack messages. 

You leave work late, exhausted from struggling with systems that just don’t work. And you question what all those disjointed tasks are really doing to move your company forward. At 2 a.m., you wake up with a start, realizing you forgot to update your manager ahead of an important meeting you have first thing tomorrow. 

The Dark Matter of Work wastes your employees’ time and leaves employees feeling discouraged — even when they’re putting in maximum effort.

The cost of letting the Dark Matter of Work continue

We also know that the Dark Matter of Work doesn’t just impact your employees’ daily work, their productivity, their sense of purpose, and their career fulfillment — it affects a company’s bottom line. 

The wasted time from the Dark Matter of Work costs a single employee at a knowledge organization up to $16K per year. Multiply that by the number of employees in your organization, and you’ve got a serious problem — and a major opportunity to make up lost revenue. 

The Dark Matter of Work leads to delayed and canceled projects, missed deadlines, low productivity, and even employee churn. That costs companies in the knowledge industry millions every year. 

And that’s where Wrike Lightspeed comes in. 

How Wrike Lightspeed will help you eliminate the Dark Matter of Work

We designed Wrike Lightspeed to help companies eliminate the Dark Matter of Work and recover those lost profits that are slipping through the cracks. Wrike Lightspeed is the platform where your employees can plan, manage, track, and complete all of their daily work. 

It’s fully configurable to your team’s processes — no more trying to shoehorn your ways of working into a pre-built cookie cutter platform. Instead, we give you the features you need and help you customize them so they fit your team. Wrike Lightspeed helps companies cut out those daily struggles like switching platforms and duplicating work, and enables employees to achieve new levels of productivity. 

It enables an unprecedented velocity of work — and it brings the work your team does to light with 360-degree visibility. That means managers can see how employees are progressing with tasks — and catch bottlenecks before they delay projects. Teams can emerge from their silos without leaving their desks — Wrike Lightspeed offers cross-tagging, which increases visibility and decreases duplication. Do the work once, tag teams who need to stay in the know, and move on to work that matters. 

What’s more? Wrike Lightspeed is powerful for a team of five — or for a team of 500. It can scale as you grow without losing any of the collaborative benefits, automation capabilities, integrations with your most-used apps, intuitive work intelligence, or security features. That’s major savings for your company with every team that’s added to Wrike. 

Are you ready to see for yourself just how Wrike Lightspeed can transform the way you work? Start a trial and begin eliminating the Dark Matter of Work from your workflows today.