How to Optimize Remote Collaboration: inlevel's Success Story
Seamless collaboration is one of the major drivers of project success, especially if team members are spread across several cities or even countries. In the previous post, we described Wrike’s role in ensuring smooth collaboration for such teams. To elaborate on the topic, today we’ll share tips on effective managing of dynamic, distributed teams from our customer Maciej Janiec, CEO at inlevel. 

In inlevel’s success story, Maciej tells you about the best
project management practices for synchronizing the workflow between team members when face-to-face communication is hindered or impossible. According to Maciej, “Managing a distributed team in a multi-project environment is much smoother when you can easily get an overview of what's going on at any moment, who is responsible for each  task, and what’s next in the pipeline.”

Read the full version of the inlevel case study and learn valuable project management advice, including how not to get lost in information overflow when you are multitasking.

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