Catered meals, in-office massages, free afternoon yoga classes... Cushy employee perks are a famous part of startup culture, especially in the tech industry of Silicon Valley

If you're a founder looking to hire your first employees (or you're just curious about how other organizations create and sustain a unique company culture) check out the latest chatter on the craziest startup perks, which are employee favorites, and whether they actually matter when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. (You might be surprised at the answers!) 

Silicon Valley's Craziest Startup Perks

  • $500 weekly drawings, laser tag, paid sabbaticals, and more killer employee perks
  • Employees at these famous tech companies get $2,000/year to take their paid vacations. dog-friendly offices, access to Lego play sets and trampoline parks, and so much more
  • On-site car washes, haircuts, laundry, massages, live concerts, and other perks that help employees manage life outside of work

Which Corporate Perks Foster Company Culture & Attract Talent

  • Which perks are considered standard, which are great, and which are over-the-top amazing? 

Are Employee Perks Really Worth the Hype? 

  • What's the actual monetary value of all those perks to employees (and employers)? 
  • The downside to providing perks (yes, there is a downside... but for whom?)

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