It’s no longer sufficient for marketers to keep pace; they must anticipate, innovate, and lead the way. As marketing landscapes diversify and audiences evolve, the pressure mounts to continually reinvent, reimagine, and reinforce one’s marketing arsenal. Collaborate 2023 was conceived as a beacon for this very purpose, illuminating the path forward for modern marketers.

Gathering some of the sharpest minds in the industry, the conference aimed not just to discuss or debate but to inspire transformative actions. Against the powerful backdrop of Wrike’s state-of-the-art marketing management platform, the event promised insights, integrations, and interactions that could redefine contemporary marketing — and it delivered.

On that note, we’ve curated a round-up of all the can’t-miss sessions for marketers. 

1. Driving Efficiency and Revenue Impact Through Wrike — Jared Bresee and Shannon Riley


Shannon Riley, Wrike’s Industry Principal for Marketing, highlighted the pressing issue of workplace burnout, emphasizing its detriment to employee morale and productivity. Jared Bresee, Senior Manager of Marketing PMO at AppFolio, shared a case study on how AppFolio used Wrike’s software to enhance collaboration and streamline operations. 

By leveraging Wrike, AppFolio addressed workplace inefficiencies, especially in archiving projects, and used AI to predict potential risks. The joint presentation showcased the transformative power of integrated tools in combating workplace challenges and promoting efficiency. 

Key takeaways

  • The evolving role of data analytics in driving actionable insights
  • Identifying bottlenecks in current marketing processes and refining them
  • The nexus between out-of-the-box creativity and measurable metrics
  • Redefining ROI: Beyond numbers to value creation and brand resonance
  • Leveraging Wrike’s campaign planning software to streamline workflows and enhance outcomes

2. Winning With Marketing in a Shaken Economy — Kenzie Smith and Jonathan Beltran


In this session, Kenzie Smith from Wrike and Jonathan Beltran from Keck Medicine of USC provided a masterclass on crafting and executing marketing strategies that resonate and result in genuine consumer engagement. The duo drew parallels from contemporary campaigns, showcasing the techniques that spelled their success. Kenzie emphasized the importance of streamlined work processes, drawing from Wrike’s features to highlight how centralized request systems and blueprints can expedite marketing tasks. Meanwhile, Jonathan shared an inside perspective on Keck Medicine’s approach to marketing operations, emphasizing the significance of Agile sprint planning and the prioritization framework. 

They also touched upon the need for marketing leaders to consistently demonstrate ROI, with Jonathan offering insights into Keck Medicine’s method of using custom fields to align projects with company goals. Their dialogue underlined the necessity for stakeholder training, emphasizing transparency, and feedback-driven improvements, concluding with strategies to ensure stakeholder buy-in and reduce team burnout.

Key takeaways

  • Integrating digital footprints across platforms for holistic campaigns
  • The essence of storytelling in brand representation
  • Maximizing Wrike’s platform for real-time campaign analytics and iterative feedback
  • Crafting content that aligns with both brand ethos and audience expectations
  • Methods to foster organic growth and brand loyalty in saturated markets

3. The Power of Collaborative Flexibility for Marketing Teams — Caitlin Henry and Kate Sessoms


Collaboration isn’t just about working together; it’s about weaving diverse skill sets into a cohesive strategy. Caitlin Henry from the Minnesota Vikings and Kate Sessoms from Wrike delved deep into collaborative marketing in this captivating session. A significant highlight was the Minnesota Vikings’ case study, where Caitlin revealed how the team fosters a unique culture prioritizing creativity over traditional hierarchies. This culture has spurred fresh ideas and successfully integrated Wrike, enabling seamless collaboration and alignment with broader business goals. 

The duo further underscored Wrike’s transformative potential, demonstrating its indispensable role in the Vikings’ marketing strategy. The dialogue also encompassed the importance of merging traditional marketing values with contemporary tools and the imperative of agility in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape.

Key takeaways

  • Building a team culture where ideas flow seamlessly and hierarchies blur
  • Synchronizing marketing objectives with overall business goals
  • Using Wrike to its full potential: Bridging gaps and streamlining communication
  • Embracing change and equipping teams with tools to pivot swiftly
  • Melding traditional marketing wisdom with contemporary tools for a balanced approach

4. Elevate Leadership Success With Wrike: Real Results Await — Casey Twenter and Seth Cathey


Leadership, in the modern context, is as much about guidance as it is about learning. Casey Twenter from Paycom and Seth Cathey from Wrike showcased the synergy between leadership and effective project management. Casey, representing the in-house marketing agency at Paycom, highlighted the agency’s journey, emphasizing its choice of Wrike for its intuitive yet comprehensive features. They discussed the nuances of driving software adoption, with Casey sharing personal experiences of ensuring cohesive team communication. 

A notable highlight was Casey’s anecdote about the head of media’s commercial premise suggestion, underscoring the importance of centralized communication in Wrike. The session wrapped up with some insights that stressed the relevance of core project management principles and the continuous evolution of Wrike’s offerings.

Key takeaways

  • Visionary leadership: Foreseeing trends and preparing teams
  • Balancing delegation with hands-on involvement: Finding the sweet spot
  • Harnessing Wrike’s features for real-time resource management and project tracking
  • Nurturing talent: The importance of continuous learning and feedback
  • Ethical considerations in modern marketing and the leader’s role in upholding them

Collaborate 2023 wasn’t just an event; it was a movement. A clarion call to marketers from all corners to rise above conventional methods and embrace the possibilities of the future. Each session, dialogue, and insight was a testament to the boundless potential that awaits when innovation meets intent. 

And, while the sessions offered tactical wisdom, the overarching narrative was clear: In an age of relentless digital evolution, adaptability, collaboration, and informed decision making are the cornerstones of success.

Dive into these on-demand sessions and sculpt your marketing strategy for tomorrow, today.