2015 has been a Wriketastic year! We've grown by leaps and bounds the last 365 days — we hope you've enjoyed the adventure with us. From new feature releases to help you improve the way you work, to an even bigger and better team, to traveling the globe to speak at conferences, we've had a lot of fun.

Review our recap of the year to see how you can use our latest features to set yourself up for success in 2016! We've also included a list of our most popular business advice blog posts, in case you missed them the first time around or you want to read them again.

Wrike in the News

This year we've been honored and excited to read all the interviews on leadership and startup advice with our CEO and founder, Andrew Filev, as well as the articles discussing our biggest Wrike news. If you want to learn see how Wrike has been shaking up the tech and business world, check out these reads:

Wrike New Releases & Features

We challenge our teams to work faster and smarter quarter after quarter. This year, we've made a lot of great updates to Wrike online and in our mobile apps. See if you missed any of our big news by reviewing our long list of major updates here, or checking out this shortlist of some of our favorite releases:

  • Projects & Reports: Real-time reports give executives the on-demand visibility they need with one button, and save your team tons of time preparing weekly updates. Make 2016 your most efficient year yet.
  • Custom Workflows: Teams can structure work so it moves faster — create workflows for approval processes, bug tracking, development, etc. Make 2016 a year where everyone knows where things stand.
  • Mobile Inbox: Our free mobile apps have changed the way you Wrike, and we'll continue enhancing our apps to help you and your team even more. Make 2016 a year of mobile accessibility.
  • Wrike Project Templates for Salesforce: Wrike project templates in your Salesforce account smoothens collaboration between your sales org and cross-functional teams. Make 2016 a year for better org-wide collaboration.
  • OneDrive Integration: We've had Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box integrations for a while. Now attach your OneDrive files just as easily. Make 2016 a year for sharing more.
  • Starring Favorite Folders: Keep your most-used folders and projects right at the top of your workspace. Make 2016 a year with less hunting and more doing.
  • New Folder Colors: We went from 5 color choices to 52 in one fell swoop. Go big or go home! Now make 2016 a year full of color.
  • New Workspace Party Themes: Spice up your work life with a little color in your Wrike! Start off 2016 with a new look: Legendary Leopard or Retro Safari.
  • Resource Pages: We created 7 resources pages full of eBooks, videos, and articles to help you better your business. Make 2016 YOUR year.

Best Business Advice from the Year

We write a lot. Every single day we publish a new blog post to give you advice on project management, leadership, productivity, and more. Here's a list of top picks from the Wrike blog over the past year, according to our own unbridled favoritism and also your likes and shares on social media:

Project Management


Leadership & Management

Startup Advice


Free eBook Downloads

...and More

See you in 2016!

Did we leave one of your favorite Wrike blog posts off our list? Add it in the comments, or let us know which of the above was your #1!