It’s like Big Brother but with a lot more SCRUM

Welcome to DroneCo, the Valley’s latest startup darling. DroneCo is creating quite a buzz with intelligent remote delivery drones.

“We make delivery drones,” says founder Miles “Dot” Commadore. “But that’s not all­—we’re engaging the future with synergistic-social convergence or, as I like to call it, SynSocCon."

Like any tech company experiencing massive growth against intense competition, DroneCo has more than its fair share of drama and dysfunction. Lucky for you, Dot has agreed to let us take a weekly peek behind the scenes. Starting with the Marketing department, we’ll bring you candid, uncensored moments from the conference rooms, cubicles, and brightly-colored, never-used “Creativity Pods.”

Meet the Marketing Department

DroneCo Marketing Dept

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