With the business landscape forever in flux and changing at a rapid pace, it's tough being a marketer. You have to constantly learn and master new technologies, communication platforms, and audience pains all at the same time. And it's dreadfully easy to make a mistake.

In the Slideshare below, we list 10 marketing mistakes that can be fatal for companies. With proper planning, careful execution, and the appropriate tools to help, you can make sure your team doesn't make these mistakes in your next marketing project!

10 Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Commit

The 10 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

01. Trying to be everything to everyone

You can't solve everyone's problems. You have a target audience, an ideal customer. Segment your lists. Aim for the sweet spot. Don't try to be a Swiss army tool.

02. Trying to go it alone

Activate your network, followers, influencers, or partners to grow your brand's presence. Get them involved in helping you create and promote inspiring stories, great visual content, or helpful resources.

03. Ignoring SEO

If you ignore SEO, you’re chances of being found on the web diminish considerably, and your business will never gain the online credibility it needs for search engines to send you the right visitors.

04. Following each new trend

Do you look into each and every new trend or strategy before making moves? That could be burning your team out and severely limiting the impact of your marketing.

05. Promoting your brand on social media all the time

Nothing's more boring than the dinner guest who only talks about himself. Don't be that guy. Instead, be helpful, be genuine, share stuff which your contacts will find useful.

06. Running your campaigns with email/spreadsheets

Using the wrong tools will result in lost productivity and inefficiency. The quality of your work and the swiftness of your response time will suffer. Instead, use a proper work management tool — like Wrike.

07. Working in silos

Are your Lead Gen, Content, SEO, Web, and PR teams working from the same playbook? Are you aligned with the Product and Sales priorities as well? Working in silos will kill your growth potential.

08. Not measuring your efforts

Always measure and adjust your plan according to the results of previous performance. Make sure your efforts are not being wasted by posting/emailing at the wrong time or to the wrong segments.

09. Forgetting your current customers

Do you stress about growing awareness and bringing new prospects into your sales cycle, but forget about who's paying the bills today? Don't ignore your current customers — keep them happy, focus on repurchase and retention, and don't forget about upselling when it will benefit your current clients!

10. Forgetting "calls to action"

Do readers of your blog know where to go when they're done reading? Do you give visitors to your web pages a place to click next? Do you have CTAs on key social sites and profiles?

A few examples of good CTAs:
— When you create an eBook landing page, clearly let your visitors know that they can download the book.
— When you write blog posts, end with suggestions: "read this article next", "share your thoughts", or "give our product a try".

What do you consider a deadly marketing mistake?

Hit the comments and tell us what other marketing mistakes can tear a company down.