With every new project comes the risk of a new project crisis (or two or three). As a project manager, you can't be scared to start just because you're worried about what might go wrong. Instead, it's better to fully prepare yourself for any possibility, and then calmly deal with whatever comes your way. In every project management crisis, there are three stages: 1. Pre-Crisis 2. During Crisis 3. Post-Crisis This infographic prepares you with the knowledge you need to handle every stage with a steady hand, so you can guide your team to a successful project completion no matter what obstacles may come your way. Read this quick and easy project management crisis guide before every new project to make sure you're prepared. And when projects feel like they're spiraling out of control, remember that as project manager you have the right skills and resources available to handle the problem: How to Handle a Project Management Crisis (Infographic) Like this infographic? Share it with your colleagues on social media, or embed it on your blog:

Community Project Management Crisis Tips

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