Like a lot of us, you probably have two or three folders in Wrike that you use most often. Accessing them might take several clicks, especially if you have a lot of folders in your account.

Today, we're introducing a Starred Folders section where you can quickly access your most commonly used folders. With the new Starred section, your favorite folders and projects are always just a click away.

How to Add Folders to Starred

When you hover over a folder, you'll see a star icon appear on the right. Click it and the folder will be added to the "Starred" section on top of your folder tree (in much the same way you add a task to "My Work").

Now, no matter how many folders you have in your account, you'll have instant access to the ones you use most often.

Save time searching for key work items by keeping them "Starred!"

As always, we looking forward to your feedback in the comments.