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Project Performance Template

Wrike’s project performance template offers the most effective way to monitor budget and schedule metrics across projects.
<p>Project Performance Template</p>

Analyze and track project performance

Complex projects can be difficult to assess, even after their completion. Pulling together sophisticated metrics across multiple projects can take time busy project managers simply don’t have. Do you ever struggle with these activities? 

  • Generating and assessing project metrics 
  • Spotting risks ahead of time 
  • Keeping stakeholders informed on project status

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike’s performance improvement project template.

  • Give your team the knowledge they need to stay on track and meet deadlines 
  • Identify and detail potential risks to your project and decide how best to approach challenges with this project performance template
  • Easily assess the current status of your most important projects to share progress with stakeholders

Why you need this project performance template

<h5>Clearly assess information</h5>
Clearly assess information

Do you struggle to collect pertinent data across projects? Instantly view essential information with our project performance template. Assess deadlines, budget status, compliance risks, completed and outstanding tasks, and the time remaining to complete the project.

<h5>Monitor project health</h5>
Monitor project health

Maintaining project health can be a daunting task. Wrike’s project performance report template allows you to better assess the status of your projects and compare how things are running to the initial plans. Monitor budgets at every step and make adjustments before delays occur.

<h5>Improve risk management</h5>
Improve risk management

Avoiding risks requires a deep understanding of each project element. Wrike’s template allows you to review project performance by team and easily identify potential risks and roadblocks to your projects. Steer clear of delays, budget overruns, and compliance issues.

<p>Assess project performance with ease</p>

Assess project performance with ease

<p>Assess project performance with ease</p>

How to use the project performance template in Wrike

Are you experiencing low visibility across your projects? Do you wonder how projects are performing compared to expectations? 

Wrike’s project performance template allows you to easily import a project or series of projects into your workspace  and automatically view metrics that give you increased visibility into granular details and broad trends.

Project Performance Templates Screenshot

Keeping track of multiple complicated projects across various teams is a difficult endeavor. Successful project management requires effective monitoring and performance analysis. 

This project performance template creates an easy-to-use workspace for monitoring and assessing project performance across teams. 

Step 1: Tag your projects into the template folder 

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply tag your projects into the project performance template folder to generate a range of pre-set metrics, including project due dates, start and end date variances, time and budget remaining, and compliance scores. 

Step 2: Assess project performance by team

The project performance template automatically separates projects by team, so you can get full visibility into the success of each team’s projects in real time. Within this project list, you can view active or completed projects and adjust custom fields as needed. 

Step 3: View projects by team in the dashboard

Wrike’s dashboard shows all the teams that have projects within the project performance space, giving you an overview of ongoing progress across your organization. Check the status of projects assigned to each team and see their associated metrics at a glance. 

Make Wrike work for you

Interested in learning how Wrike can help streamline other areas of your work? Our versatile work management software offers a range of powerful features to help you take projects to the next level. These include:

You can easily adjust Wrike to suit any project, team, or organization. Personalize your action plans and design your workspace to suit your team’s processes. 

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<p>Get a bird’s-eye view of your projects with Wrike</p>

Get a bird’s-eye view of your projects with Wrike

<p>Get a bird’s-eye view of your projects with Wrike</p>


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