Professional Services Management Template

A project template for the efficient planning and delivery of client services. Plan projects and map tasks to an interactive timeline, track and report on time spent using a timelog, and organize deliverables to meet deadlines.

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Manage projects, deliverables, and deadlines so you can deliver maximum value to your clients

Delivering quality work to clients on time and on budget is the hallmark of great professional services teams. To do this effectively, professional services project management must include the tracking and reporting of time spent, in addition to managing the progress of the deliverables themselves. Wrike helps thousands of agencies and organizations of all sizes with organizing their resources, time-tracking, and project management, so they can complete their deliverables and meet their deadlines

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How to use the Professional Services Management Template in Wrike

This template will help you get up and running quickly with Wrike. Use it as a reference for managing a professional services project with Wrike. The guide below will show you how to:

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Start by breaking down your project into phases, represented by folders. This template includes four phases to get you started:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Project closeout

The next step is populating each phase with actionable items called tasks. Tasks can be assigned to one or more members of your team. This template includes some sample tasks that can be renamed or deleted as needed. To assign a task, select it from the list, click Add assignee, and select a member of your team. If the person is not in Wrike yet, simply add their email address and an invitation to join Wrike will be sent to them.

After a task has been assigned, click on the date selector to set the start and due date.

To see your project’s overall progress, click on the Gantt Chart view. This displays the project and all tasks on an interactive and dynamic timeline that lets you reschedule tasks and set milestones and dependencies. To adjust the length of any task, simply drag the due date marker.

Next, track and report on time spent. To the right of the date selector in each task is Wrike’s time tracking feature. There are two ways to add a timelog entry:

  • Retroactively add an entry and specify how much time was spent
  • Use Wrike’s task timer to have Wrike keep track of time spent

If you use the time tracker, you'll see it running at the top of the workspace. Click the Pause button if you need to pause the tracker and then press the Play button when you're ready to continue working on that task. Add a time entry at any point by selecting Add entry. You can even add a description of what specific actions were taken. Completed entries are accessible from the timelog view of the folder or project they were created in.

You can also use the pre-configured dashboard to monitor your progress. It shows you which tasks are unassigned, due this week, overdue, or completed. This template will get you up and running quickly with a basic project management framework, but you can change or customize anything we’ve pre-configured to adapt to your workflow. 


The professional services management template allows users to deliver stronger outcomes for clients. The template includes an organization structure that lays out project planning phases and helps PS teams review project progress through Gantt charts and dashboards.
Use the professional services management template by first organizing your project tasks into the included phase folders (these phases are: initiation, planning, delivery, project closeout). Then get started assigning tasks, monitoring progress, managing billable hours with Timelog.
Yes, you can use this template with other templates. A project may require multiple documentation components. As a creative agency, for example, you may need to use the professional services management template alongside the social media plan template. These can be customized separately and stored in a project folder, for instance.
Yes, the professional services management template is completely free.

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