Join Wrike’s TechClub community to grow and share ideas

Join our community of knowledge-sharers by attending our events, watching videos, reading articles, and more.

<p>Join Wrike’s TechClub community to grow and share ideas</p>


Engineers, product managers, and designers share the tips and tricks they’ve picked up in their careers, explore new trends, and help each other improve their skills.

Software development & product
Wrike TechClub

Learn how we leverage the newest technologies, explore our open-source projects, and see how we tackle issues with software development, software testing, DevOps, product management, and more.

Wrike Design

Discover stories and cases from the Wrike Design team, including design processes, teamwork, UX design, and research.

Customer experience at Wrike

Making your work life easier, one customer at a time. Read our customer success team stories and find out how they tackle work challenges, how their careers have progressed, and what they've learned along the way.

Online and offline events

We host events to share what we think about building products, how we leverage the latest technologies, and the real-world projects our team works on every day.

YouTube channel

On the TechClub channel, we share Wrikers’ talks from conferences and meetups. We also host online events for developers, engineering and product managers, and more.

Special projects

European TeamLead Community (etc.)

Etc. is a community for team leads and tech leads where we talk about daily challenges: team motivation and development, working with juniors, communication with stakeholders, tactical approaches, etc.

Wrike Pyjama Talks

Watch our YouTube show where we meet IT professionals to talk about trends in the industry, culture, processes in different companies, career development for software engineers and product managers, and more.

Dart UP

This conference about Dart and Flutter takes place both in English and Russian with speakers from Google, Wrike, Mews, and other companies, as well as meaningful talks, online games, and the welcoming spirit of our community.

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Learn more about life in our Prague office
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Explore Wrike TechClub Cyprus upcoming events
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Read articles on Habr (in Russian)
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Play TeamLead Simulator

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