Wrike's WorkFlow Release: New Set of Features Remove Productivity Roadblocks

July 30, 2014

Addresses frustrations that cause workers to disengage from new project management tools.

Mountain View, CA, July 29, 2014 – Wrike, the leading collaboration tool used by high performance teams, today announced the public launch of a set of new key “WorkFlow” features that are designed to minimize interruption, enable fluid client collaboration and connect disparate tools into one continuous flow of work that supports team focus and productivity.The first feature, the patent-pending Chrome “WorkFlow” extension, allows users browsing the Internet to create and share tasks right from any webpage. They can share web screenshots, articles and any relevant page to convey concepts and assignments to colleagues directly without shifting back into email, spreadsheets or copy and pasting.

This allows users to maintain existing workflow habits while “pulling-in” web-based information needed to move projects and tasks forward. Users can also see if other team members have already created any tasks on the web page they are viewing.

The second key feature is “Wrike Team Links,” which allows every user to include outside parties on Wrike projects with safeguards to ensure project integrity and privacy. Agencies in particular need a tool that allows them to share work with clients and contractors with intelligent privacy controls.

Our goal is to remove every roadblock that customers typically encounter when using current project management and collaboration tools,” explains Andrew Filev, Wrike CEO and Founder. “There is a gap in the market between current project management offerings and the way people really need to work to be effective. We are singularly focused on closing that gap.

Added Filev: “You shouldn’t have to switch back and forth between work that takes place in a browser and then move it back into your email. Neither should you have to email work to a client, and then try to coordinate feedback and track version control. This is why people give up on new work tools and head back to email and spreadsheets.”

The new features build on previous major feature releases that support the continuous flow of work by integrating the Wrike platform with any email. While Wrike users typically cut their internal email use by 55%, many companies still want the option to organize and communicate in email. Wrike is the only product that synchronizes updates made in email in real-time automatically back into the Wrike workspace, so users never have to break their process and restart an initiative.

Today Wrike also announced its integration with Zapier, an action automation cloud tool that makes it easy and effortless to pass data between two separate apps so that users can pull work back into Wrike from any app they use anywhere, from Evernote to Zendesk to Google apps.

About Wrike

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