Announces New Activity Hub to Save Workers from App Overload

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Wrike, the work management platform for high performance teams, today announced the results of its first Mobile Productivity Survey, which polled 850 professionals to understand the effects of mobile phones on workers' habits and productivity. With 44 percent of respondents admitting to checking their smartphone for work over 20 times a day, and 76 percent saying they use more than three apps to for work (48% use five or more), the findings show definitively that mobile devices have left the fringes of work and are now a mainstream tool for teams to communicate and execute.

While 64 percent of respondents said the biggest benefit of mobile devices is “staying on top of work related tasks from anywhere,” a full 34 percent said "Difficulty with using multiple apps at once" was a leading challenge.

"It's clear that mobile devices have transitioned from occasional work use into an essential tool for today's workers," said Andrew Filev, CEO and Founder of Wrike. "It's important that mobile apps respond to this reality and create experiences that assist workers rather than contributing to more noise on their mobile."

Activity Hub: Improving Mobile Experience for Workers

In response to the increasing level of dominance that mobile is having in the work day, Wrike is announcing Activity Hub, a new user interface for mobile that streamlines the process of tracking work by consolidating file versions, conversations, task updates, and project statuses into a single Inbox stream with mobile friendly swipe-based gestures.

“We’re in the ninth year of the Smartphone era, and the change to how we communicate in our social lives has been cataclysmic,” added Filev. “With this release, we’re making sure the enterprise is creating as good an experience as the best consumer apps out there when it comes simplicity and adoptability. It’s going to be a huge improvement for anyone who uses their mobile for work.”

Wrike’s goal with Activity Hub is to improve turnaround time for work, and reduce the effort of staying in sync with teams. Since the beta launch in October, Wrike has seen mobile engagement with its product increase by 30 percent, indicating early popularity of its approach.

Meeting User Expectations for Mobile Work

The rise of mobile has brought about changing expectations in the way users interact with their apps. By incorporating a familiar swipe interface, Wrike allows users to respond quickly to requests and offer updated information to their teams. Activity Hub also incorporates fast actions like a handy “Snooze” feature, which allows users to schedule reminders about tasks with just one hand.

Activity Hub is now available as part of Wrike's mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


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