Wrike for Marketers: Simplifying Work and Freeing Creatives from Technology Overload

July 19, 2016

Today Wrike introduces Wrike for Marketers, a new vertical solution developed specially for marketing and creative teams to streamline the creative process. The solution is based on Wrike’s core work management platform, with added capabilities specific to helping marketers define, plan and execute standout campaigns in a real-time, multichannel digital world.  

“We spent nearly 12 months working with marketing teams around the world to understand their processes and where progress gets hung up and impedes workflow,” said Andre Hill, Vice President, Strategy and Solutions at Wrike. “The take away was that marketers and creatives want to redesign their relationship with technology so that it aids in the creative process, and doesn’t add new layers of distraction.”

Wrike for Marketers is designed to support all phases of the marketing lifecycle. Jobs are requested with customizable briefs and planned with timelines and resource management. Ideas and content are created with a document editor and the Adobe Creative Cloud Extension that notifies, assigns and brings focus to creative work. From there, the assets are reviewed and approved with Wrike’s built-in proofing and commenting capabilities which ensures everyone has full context of the job goals and feedback. And statuses are visible at a high-level summary view or granular level through Wrike’s powerful reporting engine.  

“I believe we’ve built the easiest way for marketers and creatives to manage their work from inspiration to delivery,” said Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO of Wrike. “A big pain point for these teams has always been the time and frustration required to transfer information between the various phases of projects. Wrike for Marketers integrates those phases into one continuous stream.”

One of the key challenges faced by creative teams is the proofing, review, and approval process that occurs daily between designers and campaign stakeholders.  

“We found a huge amount of lost time for teams around the approval process,” added Hill. “Designers are often put in the difficult position of having to wait for feedback, and aggregate notes and comments into a spreadsheet or other document to track them. On the other end of the spectrum, stakeholders often don’t realize the designer is waiting for their feedback or approval. We saw that by connecting versions, proofing, and approval status, we had an opportunity to save a lot of time for an entire team.”

Wrike for Marketers integrates versions of images and other content into a visual tool for proofing and change requests. From there, a status tool shows designers exactly which stakeholders have approved the piece, and which are still awaiting changes.

Creative Teams Run on Wrike

Wrike customer ONLYCH1LD is a San Francisco based film production company with offices in Denver and Paris. Using the capabilities available in Wrike for Marketers, their team coordinates and collaborates on projects through all stages of the creative process from brief, development, and post-production simultaneously in multiple locations around the world for clients including Levi's, SAP, McDonalds, and Microsoft. (See video of how ONLYCH1LD uses Wrike) 

"Every day we're working with local producers, talent, and artists in various international locations, on multiple projects," said Samuel Miller, Creative Director and Founder at ONLYCH1LD. "Finding a solution like Wrike that handles the administration and organization so that we can focus on the creative work and client relationships is really helpful to us. Wrike allowed us to work smarter and be more creative day in and day out.”

New Wrike for Marketers customers are eligible for a 25% discount if they sign up for a trial here and purchase by end of July.

Wrike for Marketers Includes:

 Ideate & Plan with confidence

  • Complete creative briefs with Request forms
  • Set Campaign Timelines & Due Dates
  • Manage Team Workload & Availability

Spark the ultimate creativity with Wrike’s Adobe Creative Cloud extension

  • Receive and Manage your work via Adobe Creative Cloud extension
  • Read, Reply and Add to Comments
  • Upload & Version File Attachments

Keep creativity flowing with faster review and approval

  • Markup documents and images
  • Get clear and actionable feedback
  • Works everywhere you work (from your desktop, mobile or tablet)

Deliver your creative vision on-time

  • Streamline all your creative assets for campaign launch
  • Efficient workflows maximize team satisfaction 
  • Easily create reports to track performance 



About Wrike

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