Wrike Boosts Seamless Collaboration and Productivity with New Configurable Workspaces and Wrike Integrate

April 23, 2019

New Spaces and Wrike Integrate Enable Work to Flow Effortlessly Across Teams, Departments, and Discrete Systems and Applications

San Jose, Calif., April 23, 2019 - Wrike, the collaborative work management (CWM) platform for high-performance teams, is helping companies manage work at scale with the introduction of Spaces and the availability of Wrike Integrate. Spaces makes Wrike the only CWM platform with configurable, unique workspaces for teams and individuals where they can securely access the information and tools most relevant to them, which streamlines work, eliminates distractions, and increases focus. Wrike Integrate, an integration and automation platform, supercharges productivity and collaboration at scale by automating complex workflows across teams, people, and applications and providing highly customized integrations with both cloud and on-premises apps.

"Work today is often scattered among a variety of different tools, which makes it incredibly challenging for executives to establish company alignment and unified customer experience," said Andrew Filev, founder and CEO, Wrike. "The only solution to this paradox is to combine autonomy and integration, and thus creating a new way to manage work. With Spaces and Wrike Integrate, IT departments can now deploy Wrike knowing that every team in the enterprise will be able to configure it to suit their specific needs while keeping everyone - and all that data - in a single system."

Previously, Wrike users have been able to create folders, projects, and tasks to organize and manage their work. With Spaces, configurable, unique workspaces can now be designed to house all of the relevant information and tools a team needs, so everything is right at their fingertips. Spaces provides:

  • More control and security over how information is distributed to cross-functional teams through distinct access roles and permissions for Space and non-Space members;
  • Greater team and company-wide alignment with the ability to configure unique workspaces that help teams understand overarching priorities and objectives, while simultaneously increasing the focus on the task at hand;
  • Simplified user experience and increased productivity by creating a centralized hub for teams where all the relevant assets, tools, and resources that are important to their success are stored;
  • Improved efficiency through the option to assign default workflows, clearly define processes and provide an intuitive sharing experience, so teams spend less time searching for work and more time doing work;
  • A new Personal Space for team members to manage and complete tasks in a way that best fits their working style.

"Spaces has made working in Wrike simpler, especially for different teams, because each team now has its dedicated workspace," said Christopher Rayson, director of client engagement, Sun Life Financial. "Another fantastic aspect of Spaces is the ability to bookmark all the commonly used folders, projects, links to external resources, request forms, dashboards, and calendars into a single location. This makes the workspace cleaner, and it's easier to access everything you need to get your work done."

Today’s workflows span countless apps, teams, and locations. Traditionally, however, integrations have been focused on connecting specific apps and not automating entire workflows. With Wrike Integrate, customers can easily connect to the apps used across their business, as well as deeply customize specific integrations to meet their unique needs best. Wrike Integrate makes it possible for companies to:

  • Move beyond basic, one-off integrations to comprehensive workflow automation quickly and easily;
  • Seamlessly automate complex workflows at scale across people and teams, with pre-built connectors to more than 400 cloud and on-premises apps and the ability to connect to thousands more through universal connectors;
  • Customize Wrike with unique automations by effectively integrating Wrike with itself, enabling companies to make Wrike work precisely how they need it to;
  • Leverage prepackaged, automated workflows, which saves time, money, and the hassle of creating them from scratch;
  • Increase productivity by keeping apps and teams from being siloed, reducing the effort and errors of manual workflow, and removing integration and automation gaps from their workflow.

"There are countless inhibitors to success that leadership must contend with, from lack of automation to information silos and disjointed collaboration," said Chris Marsh, research director, 451 Research. "Wrike’s new Spaces feature, combined with Wrike Integrate, make the platform a more customizable and automated Work Intelligence Platform, serving as a centralized hub for connecting people, processes, and technology. It’s in line with the market trend towards greater intuitiveness in the user experience and will help remove more of the friction that makes companies struggle in executing on their business goals.”

Spaces has already begun rolling out to all Wrike customers.

Wrike Integrate is an add-on feature available to Wrike for Marketers, Business plan, and Enterprise plan customers today. For more information about Wrike Integrate, please visit: www.wrike.com/add-on-wrike-integrate.

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