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Forrester Report: Embrace A Unified Marketing Measurement Standard

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The Marketing Measurement And Insights Playbook by Jim Nail and Tina Moffett

As our digital lifestyle grows in complexity and customer attention continues to fragment across multiple screens and devices, marketing leaders have found themselves struggling to accurately gauge brand exposure and influence.
With the C-suite demanding more proof of ROI to legitimize ballooning budgets and customers expecting increasingly personalized and real-time experiences, marketers are finding that traditional measurement approaches are falling woefully short in accurately capturing the true impact of their efforts.
What is needed is a new approach that goes beyond simple clicks and conversions, but captures all of the nuanced ways marketing is influencing consumers in today’s omnichannel, multi-device world.
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What’s in the eBook

This comprehensive report highlights the specific challenges of omnichannel marketing reporting and introduces a playbook for holistic, unified reporting designed to optimize business impact, uncover insights, and help marketers make better use of time and resources.

  • Legacy Metrics Don’t Answer the Critical Question of Marketing’s True Impact
  • Find the Optimal Marketing Mix with a Unified Measurement Approach
  • Use this Playbook to Make Your Customer Interactions More Relevant