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Nicosia is the fastest-growing Wrike office, where Engineering, Product, Design, Marketing, Customer-Facing, and Analytics teams come together to work as one.

<h5>Flexible working hours</h5>
Flexible working hours
<h5>21 days of paid vacation</h5>
21 days of paid vacation
<h5>Five uncertified sick days per&nbsp;year</h5>
Five uncertified sick days per year
<h5>10 fully-paid working days of sick leave per&nbsp;year</h5>
10 fully-paid working days of sick leave per year
<h5>School allowance up to 600&nbsp;euros&nbsp;monthly</h5>
School allowance up to 600 euros monthly
<h5>Sim card with unlimited internet&nbsp;access</h5>
Sim card with unlimited internet access
<h5>Medical insurance for employees and their family&nbsp;members</h5>
Medical insurance for employees and their family members
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"One-third of our lives is spent at work. I feel lucky spending this time at Wrike! It is a rare and enjoyable mix of talented people, exciting projects, and a product that makes a difference for millions of workers around the globe."

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<h5>Read our experts' articles</h5>
Read our experts' articles
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Watch us on YouTube

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<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>
<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>