Wrike - The Only
Real Basecamp Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Basecamp and overwhelmed by the number of project management apps available? Do your due diligence and discover there's only one serious solution to compare Basecamp with Wrike. Discover how Wrike's features and functionalities exceed those of Basecamp's in this simple Wrike vs. Basecamp comparison chart.

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Previously we were using Basecamp to manage our projects, but found it difficult to use and restrictive. Wrike's fantastic Gantt chart feature lets me see what everyone is working on at any one time, and allows me to quickly allocate resources when new jobs come in.

Mike Collins

Director, Subzerostudio

Wrike vs. Basecamp

Project Management

resource management, interactive Gantt charts, dependencies, visual dashboards & reports

Visibility across multiple projects
Prioritization across projects
Native iOS and Android apps

real-time document editing

Main features

Cross-project prioritization

Allocate resources to tasks and projects, check and forecast the team’s workload, resolve schedule conflicts, and reorganize assignments with a few clicks. Then build reports to visualize project and team performance in an easily digestible format.

Cross-project visibility

Wrike displays work the way you need to see it: to-do lists, classic spreadsheets, visual project timelines, real-time news feed, or resource management for specific people, teams, projects, or across the whole company.

Comprehensive toolkit for advanced project management

Wrike features include a dynamic timeline (Gantt chart), task dependencies, milestones, request forms, task dashboards, and visual reports.


Track time spent on a particular task, or create time reports for a group of tasks.

Real-time collaboration

Upload documents and files directly to tasks, then edit and version attachments without downloading them. Collaboratively edit task descriptions in real-time.

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