Why stay at Basecamp when Wrike can take you to the top?

Basic tools don’t cut it anymore. Learn why millions of people choose Wrike — the most powerful work management platform. 


Wrike has so much more to offer

Wrike’s features are built for modern work

What makes Wrike one-of-a-kind

Intuitive hierarchy

Wrike features proven project management hierarchies that facilitate a fluid workflow. Spaces, folders, projects, and tasks all help to organize your work and issue granular reports as needed.

Flexible customization

Looking for the most customizable work management software on the market? It's Wrike. Wrike’s highly configurable software supports hundreds of use cases and multiple ways of working. 

Exceptionally scalable

If you have success in your sights, basic software won’t help — you need Wrike. Its complex capabilities scale seamlessly with your organization without ever compromising in usability.

Real customer care

Hiccups happen, we get it. With Wrike, support is available via chat, email, and telephone —  in more than 14 different languages. That’s a lot more reassuring than Basecamp’s email-only help.

Organization-wide collaboration

Make silos a thing of the past with Wrike’s cross-functional collaboration tools. Tag other departments, share dedicated Spaces, and ensure stakeholders get full visibility on all work in flight.

State-of-the-art security

Wrike’s secure platform is expertly built and constantly evolving to ensure that your data is safeguarded. Unlike Basecamp, Wrike has SSO encryption and a GDPR-compliant data center in the EU.

<p><span>Wrike vs. Basecamp </span><br></p>


Wrike vs. Basecamp 

Feeling limited by out-of-date tools? Upgrade to Wrike
2.3m people see Wrike as the work management platform of the future. 

Empower your teams to streamline, automate, and deliver their best work — all from one powerful platform.

The critics’ top pick for work management software

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Game-changing features designed for every type of team

Wrike will help you collaborate, automate, and accelerate — no matter where you are or how you work.

<p><span>Support you can rely on</span></p>

Support you can rely on

There’s nothing like a human voice on the phone. That’s why Wrike offers webchats, email responses, and a fully staffed telephone helpline. With support available 24/7, you’ll never be without a helping hand.

<p><span>Reclaim 200+ hours a year</span><br></p>

Reclaim 200+ hours a year

Wrike is the future of work management software. Take a 14-day free trial now to see how it can transform the way you work.

<p><span>Reclaim 200+ hours a year</span><br></p>