So far in this series, we’ve talked to Wrike employees about how they use AI tools in their professional lives, first learning about how Wrikers increase their creativity and ideation with AI tools, and then how they cut out time-consuming tasks and processes to improve productivity. We’ve heard great ideas like making up fake account names, condensing text so it’s more memorable, and creating call sheets in a flash. 

But AI tools aren’t confined to our work lives — they’re also making the things we enjoy even more enjoyable, and they’re making new activities possible that we couldn’t have easily done before. 

In our final post in this series, we’re chatting about how Wrikers use AI tools in their personal lives, and our colleagues have inspiring ideas that will hopefully help jump-start your own hobbies and at-home activities with AI.

Thinking outside the AI box

Jan Volny, our Head of Global Renewals at Wrike, is a prolific ChatGPT user. “I keep it in my phone, just point my camera at something and ask, ‘What is that?’” He said he recently won a workout supplement competing in a mixed martial arts tournament and, since the information was written in Polish, he asked ChatGPT to translate. Jan explained, “I took a picture of the supplement, and it translated it from Polish — and gave me tips on how to use it.” Jan also uses ChatGPT to generate QR payment codes for himself, making paying bills easier when he’s only given an account number, as well as generating coloring pages to print out that can instantly keep his kiddo occupied. 

Jan explained that he typically comes to AI tools with a pain point. “I ask, ‘How can this be easier?’ or ‘Can GPT fix this?’” He also got a head start in his prompting abilities when ChatGPT was first released. “I bought a prompting course because I wasn’t very good at that. I was playing around, but this course was a simple hour or two of guys talking through how they prompt GPT, and it just accelerated my use so much,” he said. 

In a completely different category, Demand Marketing Manager Melissa Kovach uses a variety of AI apps to help plan out different interior decor styles, paint colors, and floor plans. “They let me visualize different options and what they would look like in the context of my house, which helps so much when it comes to making decisions or convincing my husband that I can install a steam shower in our bathroom!” 

Some of our Wrikers live and work in countries as expats and, while many of them speak different languages, they don’t always speak the native language in the country they’ve landed in. Product Architect Vladimir Ivanov uses AI tools to help him draft letters to Czech officials when necessary. “AI helps me formulate them, making up for my limited Czech language skills,” he said. On a more creative note, he’s also used AI for lighthearted pursuits, like making a deepfake video of himself to surprise his friends. 

Similarly, Customer Success Manager Andrey Nikítin lives in Cyprus but doesn’t know Greek, so he uses ChatGPT to translate emails and other text. “The outcome is better than that of Google Translate,” he explained. Andrey also uses AI tools to prolong the life of his much-loved 2007 Toyota Corolla. “I’m the third owner, and this car has been through a lot,” he said. “Every now and then, it throws a check engine light. Instead of scheduling a visit to a mechanic every time it does it, I’ve bought a scanner to scan errors with my phone.” Using a combination of Google search with ChatGPT, he’s able to troubleshoot the possible causes of a given engine code. “Then I can decide whether or not it requires the immediate attention of a mechanic, or maybe there’s something I can do on my own,” he said.

For Asya Popova, Senior Technical Support Engineer, ChatGPT helps explain more complex topics in a much faster way than a typical Google search.
asya popova quote

This prompt is a quick way to get an AI to simplify information and complex topics so they’re accessible and easy to understand. Asya reports, “It’s like having a personal tutor available 24/7, catering to my learning needs and pace.” 

When Lead Enablement Program Manager Clark Schroeder’s kids are asking to work on a new task or project, he typically suggests, “Ask the robot.” Encouraging them to brainstorm with tools a new generation will have at their fingertips. “We use it for brainstorming, hearing examples, getting ideas, thinking about lyrics,” he explained.
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We hope these examples of how Wrikers are using AI in their personal lives have piqued your interest in turning to AI tools to make your life easier and more enjoyable. 

Stay tuned for more great updates from Wrike on how we’re continuing to incorporate AI features into our award-winning work management platform. And to try out our current AI features, start a free trial today!