Businesses around the world trust Wrike to manage projects through collaboration in the cloud. For us, it's all about giving you peace of mind that your company's data is secure and protected. That's why we're excited to announce the addition of 3 new features to our Enterprise subscription package that enhance the security of project-related information, files, and interactions within Wrike. Read on!

Robust, Enterprise-Grade Security In The Cloud

User Password Policies

User Password Policies allows an admin to set up requirements for user passwords that are stored within Wrike. Requirements may include things such as password strength (password must be complex), password history (previously used passwords can't be used), and password expiration (users must change password every X days).

User Password Policies tighten the security of your Wrike account and help customers meet internal security policies of their own. The feature is most valuable in accounts where SSO (e.g. SAML, Google, or Azure) is not used.

Controlled Admin Permissions

Controlled Admin Permissions are beneficial to customers that have more than one administrator as they allow you to control on a granular level what functions each admin within Wrike can perform. This results in a more fail-safe and secure deployment of Wrike. Teams see the most benefit:

  • When there are several second-tier admins that need to manage users and groups within Wrike. However, only 1 or 2 first tier admins should be capable of changing global security policies and general account settings.
  • When there is only a small set of first-tier admins (besides the account owner) who can assign new admins and grant certain admin functions to existing admin accounts.

Network Access Policy

Network Access Policy lets you restrict the IP addresses from which your organization can access Wrike. You can either specify individual IP addresses or you can specify them in bulk by adding the IP subnet. And included in this feature is a setting that will allow users to access Wrike via mobile device, which means their IP addresses will vary depending on their physical location.

Network Access Policy is best for companies that enforce strict access policies where employees must access company data only from corporate networks.

Wrike is continuously focused on an all-encompassing, layered approach to providing the highest level of security demanded by our customers, from the physical security of certified data centers to built-in application security controls. These new features join the upgraded security already available within Wrike's Enterprise package such as: SAML Single Sign On, Two-Factor Authentication, User invitation policy, and file storage policy. Altogether, they form a more robust, more manageable security package for Enterprise customers.

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If you have any questions about the security of Wrike, contact our IT Security Team anytime at [email protected].